• We lost to Holland. They're a good side.

    2 Champions League winners, Champions League semi finalists, Barcelona keeper, Barcelona bound players and of course the mighty 'Bwrgwijn'.

    Not the end of the world, England football has taken great strides forward in the last year. Southgate is the man 🙌

  • Fans are so fickle.

    No team is at it all the time, and yesterday was clearly Englands worst performance in a good couple of years. And despite that we were still a VAR moment away from getting to a final. In the end it took extra time and a couple of defensive brain farts to lose out to a decent side.

    There's a lot of people chatting shit about De Ligt (who I no longer hold after selling for a nice profit) like they forget he's 19 and has been solid all season, including against some top sides in Europe. A couple of dodgy moments in one game (where he still managed to make a big contribution) isn't going to stop him from being maybe the best defender in the world in the future.

  • I only saw the first half, but from what I could see the midfield was pretty average and there was little link play between defence and attack. I actually think he showed how valuable Henderson is to the team. A lot people always slag him off, but I think he is underrated and is one of the more crucial players in the England set-up.

    I will now sit back and wait for the barrage of abuse to come my way!

  • @bernardb he's also a different kind of player. Rice offers protection in front of the back 4. And is better at it than Dier.
    Winks is more like Delph or Henderson and keeps the ball flowing. Why do Spurs play Dier or Sissoko alongside Winks ?

    If you play Winks in that role with say Maddison / Ox in there too there's no cover in front of the centre-backs and Rice also gives better cover from corners and set pieces.

    I've watched Rice all season and the boy can play a forward pass. He's also capable of driving forward with the ball as well, but that wasnt the role or task he was given to do.

  • @NewUser303261
    Won money on De Ligt scoring after his mistake.

    last night was the 3rd high profile game he has done that in......made an error and let oppo score, then gone and scored at the other end: V Juve done in the air by Ronaldo, V Germany, slipped to let Sane score, then last night.

  • @bernardb Rice had 54 passes 28 were forward. However a sideways passes that happen to be a little forward count.

  • @NewUser151265 the funniest part was commentator, talking about this new England team not wilting under the pressure, 10 mins later 3-1 lol

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