Neymar accusations

  • @Dan-The-Man the semen inside of her, and obviously sign of rape like bruises, she never asked him any questions before she hit him, and started shouting, why would she straddle him??

  • @Jad1982 said in Getting very worrying for Neymar now:

    @Dan-The-Man the semen inside of her, and obviously sign of rape like bruises, she never asked him any questions before she hit him, and started shouting, why would she straddle him??

    Semen isn't proof of rape, when two people met to have sex and she's openly said, she was up for sex... until she wasn't.

    Medical reports show she does have bruises.

    It's possible, she straddled him to try get him to talk openly. I mean, I can't understand the conversation they are having and all of this is guess work but I read a bunch of text messages between them and he says things like "it was legal", which no innocent man has ever said... and she's sounding upset and angry at him.

    I wouldn't rule out that she's a psycho bitch trying to get him locked up but equally I don't think anyone should rule out the possibility that Neymar did what she said.

    We all know he's an aggressive prick. Would it really shock anyone to find out that an aggressive boy king, feels entitled to sex with a women when he's paid thousands to fly her over?

    Guilty or not guilty... it's not for us to say really but is it worth the risk? I mean... Pogba is less risky than Neymar at this point.

  • Should watch the interview she did on T.V. Doesn't seem truthful at all. Also in lots of debt and when pressed about wanting compensation too long a pause before saying she wants justice. Body language tells you a lot. Also if he had no condoms surely room service could get some sent up in a few mins. Any scumbag that rapes a women deserves to be dealt with in the harshest way. This however seems like a stitch up. Neymar seems like a prick and not a fan at all and IF it was true he needs to be done.

  • @Wb most telling thing for me is her own lawyer got out. Seems he took the case, then was told something and went " nope, not going down with this ship"

  • @Misto Never a good sign when a lawyer bails out.

  • @Dan-The-Man A lot of assumptions here about Neymar's character. Really none of us know anything about him as a person outside of his behaviour on a football pitch, which is a very unreliable measure of an individual's character and personality. I am a very easy going guy off the pitch, but when I'm on it my intensity levels go through the roof and I get pretty aggressive (not in a violent way). I have also played with plenty of lads who were little shits on the pitch and absolutely lovely off it.

    It's dangerous to start making assumptions about Neymar's character based on what we see on the pitch, and in the bubble that is the world of football.

  • @Andy-M
    destroying the football index? Its making it better. Its not free money, love the index for bringing about fairer gambling,

  • It’s come to light she stabbed her ex husband. Make of it what you will. For me she’s set the scene by recording it. Tbh Neymar has been over priced for a while by what he has earned in dividends last season and I suspect until he leaves PSG or stays fit he won’t be rising any time soon. I don’t hold but for me there are so many better options out there than neymar.

  • This gets dafter by the day with each bit of new information coming out it looks like one of the worst attempts ever to set somebody up for a payday.

    If Neymar is fit (always a doubt) by September and produces a couple of PB performances he will be £8

  • This looks bad, woman obviously sets up a high profile footballer, no evidence of assault, no sign of the obvious, woman beating him to admit something he hasn’t done, defence lawyer leaving because she has no case, woman saying defence lawyer is a sexist etc etc
    Woman says she wants justice & not money......hopefully I’m right & nothing happened obviously if he’s in the wrong then he should have his balls chopped off

  • @DavidMUFC1987 and why do you think the story of an alleged stabbing came out and who exactly leaked it ?

    more to the point, what does it have to do with the case.

  • @Fletch Love it when people make off the cuff remarks on how much a player will be worth and when, someone saying Neymar wont see a 6 at the front of his share price again 2 hours later he was £6.99. Neymar will struggle to rise significantly for the foreseeable IMO and £8 is a bit of a stretch given that he will probably miss most of the season crying cos he banged his ankle. Hes probably taken a couple of weeks off cos some bird gave him a slap.

  • @fantasyindex said in Getting very worrying for Neymar now:

    @Vespasian32 Not a world class England player to be found and since Gazza no one with any charisma the media want to latch on to. Neymar isn't world class and is just a pest but the press love it just as they loved Gazza for his antics. All the while the EPL teams import average players in the most part who then force English players 17-20 Years Old out on loan in the Championship we wont see any world class English players much less any capable of holding the media's attention for more than a day or two.

    Nailed!! Hence way I like to call it fpl (foreign) it's just a money pit for the rich to play way championship is getting worse too.

  • @Wotabeast said in Neymar accusations:

    @Dan-The-Man A lot of assumptions here about Neymar's character.

    Did you not see him punch the fan?

    Being aggressive on the pitch is one thing, punching a fan is completely out of order.

  • @Dan-The-Man Depends on what the fan did

  • @MrWh1te @Dan-The-Man Neymar does have to put up with huge levels of abuse, both from fans and on the pitch. Not saying the punch was acceptable but people can only be pushed so far.

    It's a shame because Neymar is an absolutely outrageous talent, the likes of which we rarely see, yet he gets masses of abuse. Sometimes his on pitch antics are a bit much, but defenders try to kick him out of the game and after a while that must get pretty old for a guy who is just trying to play his game, and plays it on a different level to most around him.

    We are seeing him in a difficult season of life, with the injuries taking away his ability to do the thing he loves most, which is to play football. For the sake of the game I hope we see him get back to his best, because a Neymar at the top of his game can only be good for football.

  • @MrWh1te

    The fan wasn't violent with him, he was taking a photo... like the other fans in the crowd. Neymar grabbed tried to snatch the camera out of his hand then sucker punched the fan.

    Zero excuses for that.

    It doesn't mean he's guilty of rape but it shows he has low self control and that he's highly aggressive.

  • @Munchie63
    His price will rocket after this, shes attention seeking and after money either by being with him or against him. She has no hope, he wont even need a top lawyer.
    She Set it up, no evidence and the little she has is all self defence anyway. He probably could have punched her and got away with that as self defence so she got lucky.

    Shes no better than a cheap whore, she was after money but not up front

  • I find a lot of these comments on here repulsive tbh. Regardless of what we know, there will be a LOT we don't know and NO-ONE knows the truth except the people that were in the room.

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