Neymar media points

  • This needs sorting. He scored over 1600 points yesterday. Over 400 of these were negative off field stories which shouldn’t be included in the score.
    Already today he has over 50% of his buzz points credited for rape allegations.
    This from a system which fails to give points if players names are abbreviated

  • @NewUser5849 I thought that yesterday, but can’t moan as I hold!

  • @NewUser5849

    I believe the articles are removed manually towards the end of each day.

    That said, he won MB yesterday by over 800 points, so removing 400 points worth of articles would have made no difference to the end result.

    I agree though, it doesn't look good if those types of stories are allowed to remain.

  • On Wednesday his articles were manually removed too, only problem was his points remained, I asked CS about this at lunch time, they confirmed that they'd been working on it and promised it'd be fixed before the end of the day, absolute garbage, still there all the way until midnight, at the moment they're escaping this shite because they don't show you every single article once a player has a certain amount of articles under his name, you couldn't see any of the articles since late afternoon on Neymar yesterday, so how do we actually know only 400 were about the rape ? It's pretty damn Amateurish to be honest.

  • Both his stories today are rape related. They’ve obviously manually removed or rescored a Daniel James story as he’s dropped by 20points. I’m guessing his story was more football related than either of neymars

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