Waiting for Adam Cole explanation 🤬

  • @Misto yes i am. The pic is my big girl. Have you got one?

  • @Misto yeah i hadnt thought of it like that. Its definitely something FI should look into

  • @Black-wolf Yep. Best dogs ever. I just tried up upload a photo, but file size on everything I got is to big for FI forums.

  • @Black-wolf wouldn’t need to be , it could run on another site and instead of gambling website it can be a game with prizes and give aways

  • @Misto they are just like kids but they actually do what they are told (most of the time) 😂
    Amazing dogs

  • @Greenday its 2 issues

    1. the money laundering part with the card companies in Sweden
    2. the cost for a licence etc V amount of commission from Swedish traders

    FI have made a financial judgement call

    hard to take for those affected, but a business decision based on logic and maths

  • @Greenday did you see my post earlier re notifying people in advance and money laundering rules. Likelihood is that they wouldve been in breach had they said you need to move your money into uk accounts

  • @Advinculas-Index said in Waiting for Adam Cole explanation 🤬:

    Make sure you ask about your 10% bonus as well as I’m sure there will be a number of Swedish customers eligible for this even if if is just through reinvesting dividend cash.

    The Swedish traders weren't eligible mate.

  • @LuaLua said in Waiting for Adam Cole explanation 🤬:

    Gutted for you Andy.

    I think its obvious to anyone how big you've been for this forum and that in turn has helped the growth of the platform.

    I know personally might have never got into Fi if it wasn't for you who predicted Sterling's rise. (I think it was you) I benefited so much from that in my first few weeks.

    Gonna be a lot less exciting around here without you and I'm sure the Customer service workers are gonna miss you. Thanks for being a voice for the whole forum on that front.

    There must be a way around this.
    Get an English friend to trade for you? Or holiday in england or something lol.

    Hopefully Fi returns to Sweden one day.

    🍻to the man the myth the legend Andy M, always up for a good argument. We should retire the red A from the platform in commemoration.

    @Andy-M said in Newbie saying Hi!:

    Hi, I'm AndyM, always here if you need someone to argue with.

    Thanks for the kind words mate, means a lot 👆😊

  • Just to clear this up, The only reason that these card companies have changed their policies towards football index is because FI have not paid the Swedish trading license, The truth is Swedish authorities have forced a block of transactions from these cards to FI, they should have let us traders from Sweden know long ago that they'd not be getting the licence, surely they knew, Adam Cole has previously said on 2 occasions that the licence would be sorted, FI have obviously known since January how many traders they have in Sweden because no new traders have been allowed, I'd prefer to have an honest reply from Adam Cole, and when we next speak or write I'll be putting this question to him, I'm not a bitter person, just like to be treated with respect and honesty.

  • @Londoner said in Waiting for Adam Cole explanation 🤬:

    @Andy-M I'm sorry to hear about this, Andy. I'll miss you. You're a trader with a heart. The changes by Visa/MasterCard are not the real issue. FI can allow Sweden's traders to send money into their account via bank transfer. FI have decided it's not worth applying for a licence with all the hassle and costs involved.

    As i wrote above, this is what has annoyed me, they've obviously known how many Swedish traders they have for 6 months because no new traders have been allowed to join, so why didn't Adam Cole just say they'd not be applying 😪

  • @LuaLua @Vespasian32 Nice touch guys 😁

    0_1559967650876_Screenshot_20190608-061924_Chrome Beta.jpg

  • Glad to see the market took the mass Sweden sell off with out much trouble.

  • Just caught up on this whole thread.

    Gutted for you @Andy-M. You've been a constant poster (apart from maybe a 12 hour break once when you deleted your forum account, lol) ever since I joined in January and are one of maybe a dozen or so users who's posts are usually sound and based on a decent thought process, rather than just pump-and-dump type shite. It's sad that things have gone this way.

    I hope there is a way back for you in the future. Clearly FI is still growing (and learning) and if their 300% increase in advertising revenue is anything to go by then surely moving into other countries is just a matter of time, so I'll keep an eye out for your eventual return bud.

    Take care Andy and thanks for your help here on the forums over the last 5 months.

  • @Andy-M said in Waiting for Adam Cole explanation 🤬:

    The only reason that these card companies have changed their policies towards football index is because FI have not paid the Swedish trading license.

    How much is it?

  • @Black-wolf Found one on my work computer.


  • @Misto hes epic. Is he still quite young?

  • @Black-wolf about 2 there. He's almost 6 now.

  • @Misto

    Thats a cracking dog there

    We got this fella 4 weeks ago - Meet Cooper


  • @Misto mines only 18 months id begged my wife for one for 5 years but she was wary of them as she had only ever had labradors. She finally gave in and now shes obsessed with GSD’s and wants 2 more. 😂

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