Waiting for Adam Cole explanation 🤬

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    @Andy-M yeah they should of warned you months ago and gave you time to sell up at the right times if they had any concerns over their gambling license in sweden. Hope it get sorted but obviously doesnt look good

    Tbf FI haven’t even cracked UK. It’s still in its infancy compared to other betting company’s. So there’s a ridiculous amount of growth still to be had just in the UK.

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    You was right @Vespasian32 - I suspected he didn't hold Neymar 🙄

  • @Ericali maybe that's why hes been locked... selling Neymar = suspicious activity

  • They gave you the money yes? So it's bad but it could be worse. And you didn't pay commission!

  • Did they give you buy price or Is price?

  • If all of Sweden has been ISed. It looks like Sweden was pretty small part of the market. Nothing is really tanking.

  • @Cheze90 im up £400 today so far... so if theyd sold my port yesterday id be pretty pissed. I think in general theres been a slump recently so not an ideal time to sell. I think they owe Andy big time in terms of compo.

    Lets say for instance Andy did still hold Neymar... they've just taken them off him for £6.96 … he will be £7.50 in a couple of months so that's a pretty awful deal. These are supposed to be 3 year bets. I wouldn't sell my Neymars for less than £8 atm … and that's not cos I don't think he will go higher within that time, that's just my risk averse price.

  • Salah dropped a few p for me but no one else really, maybe Mahmoud Hassan.

  • It’s Just been confirmed on Twitter that they have had to close down all Swedish accounts due to changes in policy by visa and MasterCard.
    They have stressed that there will be minimal impact to player prices due to the relatively low amount invested by those involved.

  • @Advinculas-Index any mention of issues arising in the future for Irish, Canadian and kiwi traders?

  • @Vespasian32 In light of the new info I agree with you. I thought he was breaching the terms of service using an account from Sweden my mistake 👐

  • How's Lindelof looking?

    1p drop. Can't be all of Sweden surely?

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    How's Lindelof looking?

    1p drop. Can't be all of Sweden surely?

    That's a good point. Everyone should show solidarity with our Swedish friends and buy Lindelof.

  • this must be very difficult Andy, clear how much you like and support FI. Feared something like this would happen to Swedish Traders. I remember when discussing this around Christmas time I suggested you used your UK access to change your account to a British one (UK bank account, address etc). Perhaps this is still a possibilty - or even a fresh account?

  • @LuaLua First in a very long time that I've felt lucky to be living on this fine island.

    Feel bad for the traders in Sweden though. Huge opportunity for a new startup in Sweden now though... @Andy-M

  • Yes, same here. Obviously not happy with this, but we all knew FI was having trouble getting their gambling license in Sweden and something like this could happen. To be honest I think they handled it well - no commission and all players sold for Buy price is the best we could have asked for given the circumstances. It would be even better if they let us know beforehand they are going to do so, I can imagine someone who deposited money say yesteraday can be mad right now. On the other hand, if they announced it last week people would have instanly panic sold their portfolios and lost money on commision.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Make sure you ask about your 10% bonus as well as I’m sure there will be a number of Swedish customers eligible for this even if if is just through reinvesting dividend cash.

  • @Andy-M
    Gutted for you Andy.

    I think its obvious to anyone how big you've been for this forum and that in turn has helped the growth of the platform.

    I know personally might have never got into Fi if it wasn't for you who predicted Sterling's rise. (I think it was you) I benefited so much from that in my first few weeks.

    Gonna be a lot less exciting around here without you and I'm sure the Customer service workers are gonna miss you. Thanks for being a voice for the whole forum on that front.

    There must be a way around this.
    Get an English friend to trade for you? Or holiday in england or something lol.

    Hopefully Fi returns to Sweden one day.

    🍻to the man the myth the legend Andy M, always up for a good argument. We should retire the red A from the platform in commemoration.

    @Andy-M said in Newbie saying Hi!:

    Hi, I'm AndyM, always here if you need someone to argue with.

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