Selling at a loss

  • Can someone help...I sold a player today at a £30 loss... now i don’t have him it seems like my portfolio is showing as if I’m up by £30 profit, is this correct or just coincidence?

  • Your profit/loss is based on your current portfolio, so if you've sold the player that you were holding at a loss once they're no longer in your port your stats will improve

  • Your profit/loss is based on the players currently in your port so for the purposes of that figure youve eliminated a £30 loss.

    The figures that matter are your net deposits, your port value and you're available spends. Anything else doesn't really matter.

    My port currently shows fairly small profit of just under £200 because I've turned it around recently so players I was well up on, in many cases are no longer there. But the profit from them has been reinvested

  • As you have sold your investment at a loss your portfolio only shows profit on your active as you might think you are up...its just the deficit is now not affecting your portfolio value. To know your true profit and loss you have to goto your transaction history and filter the time you have been on FI to show your deposits and withdrawals. Subtract your withdrawals from your deposits for your standing total investment. Then subtract that total from your portfolio value to show your true profit.

    (edited)....just to add. Its not profit until you have actually cashed it all out, with the FI commission on that also.

  • Cheers! It seemed logical, just needed the confirmation 👍👍

  • What is the logic behind a single player when you sell?
    E.g. if I've bought a player on more than one occasion and then sold some of them today. I've gone from 4p in green up to 16p after the sell.

    Assume it is to do with buying some shares at a lower price and then averaging out to increase my profit.

  • Yeh your oldest shares sell first so if theres a bit discrepancy in buy price it will show up, either increasing or decreasing your average buy price and in turn, your pps

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