Ferland Mendy

  • Apparently a deal has been agreed with Real Madrid for £44 million. But there has been an extended medical over 24 hours, which is a bit worrying.

    Does anybody have him? Have you seen him play or know what kind of PB/dividend stats he's capable of?

  • @Worley15 hey bud, Mendy suffered from Arthritis as a teenager. Madrid docs want to take a deeper look. All signs suggestbhes still signing for them. He averaged 114 for PB last month after coming back from injury. He’s a superb attacking fullback and will be Madrid’s starting LB next season.

  • @FIGenesis Thanks for the update. Thought it was a bit strange, medicals don't normally last over one day without there being issues and it's a big transfer that seems to have slipped under the radar.

    PB scores are promising as well. Looks like there will be big changes at Real Madrid. Potentially the starting left back for them for 90p. I've not got a massive amount to invest to be fair, but will get some money on him.

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