Patson Daka

  • 19 year old striker with red bull Salzburg . Have shares in him a while and now rose from 34p to 44p in the last week.

  • So why didn't you tell us about him last week?

  • Why has he risen so much in the last week?
    Does anyone know?

  • @LuaLua said in Patson Daka:

    Why has he risen so much in the last week?
    Does anyone know?

    Yes, his price has risen as people have been buying him.

    Hope this helps 😁

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  • Any more info him looks like a younger Mané sure he come from them originally

  • R B Salzburg are basically a feeder team and production line for their big brother in Germany and there have been good stories about him for a couple of years now so maybe a move to Leipzig is on the cards. If so could see him rise a lot more.

  • Buy Buy Buy Bargain!

  • Just to brush up this tread...
    Patson Daka already scored 12 goals and 1 assist in last 12 games and...another hattrick today for this young lad!! Absolutely class and sitting at just £1 👍
    Yes, I know we can compere him to Haaland,Malen or Boadu but 1£ 🤔

    What do you traders think about him ( I hold btw) 🤔

  • I think come January, the big teams in Europe will be looking at signing Haaland, Minamino, Daka and Hwang. Perhaps their other club RB Leipzig will have first dibs.

    I’m also waiting for FI to list some of their other youngsters soon hopefully.

  • @Mundek This may help people to realise his great potential.

    Has already won Africa’s young player of the year award previously.

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  • Ppl jumped/jumping on Koita. Kid is a baller, nxt on the RBS wonderkids list but...Should Daka catch him in time or Koita 'always' will be more expensive cos of his IPO price/was IPO later??

    Daka 13 games 12G 3A v Koita 10 games 6G 2A
    Daka LM 4 games 0G 0Av Koita 1 game 0G 0A
    Daka Cup 3 games 3G 0A v Koita 2 games 2G 0A

    Daka £1.06 v Koita £

  • @Mundek Daka is still undervalued and will catch up in no time. When I joined in September 2018, Daka was 19p. So his price is up over 5 times already and may well see him at least double again in the next year. Nearly all Salzburg players are up 500% in the last 18 months. Hwang, Daka, Haaland, Minamino.

  • Purchased at £1.03 a few weeks ago. The very next game he scores a hattrick in the league and only goes up 1p. After, he slowly drifts down and I sold at a loss at 99p to move into another player.

    Next thing, he’s up to £1.08 because Sekou Koita IPOs higher. Even after 2 and a half years I still don’t get this game sometimes.

  • @NewUser72082 If you just wait some time you’ll make more money by holding players like this. It’s all patience. I saw people selling Daka when he was 20p and now look. It’s about believing in a players potential and not just trying to look for another quick buck that doesn’t always happen.

  • I bought and sold him earlier on in the season for a small profit but bought back in again the other day when he dropped below £1. Long term hold for me now.

  • Echoing the statements about this lad - I’ve got 300 at 60p and I do think he can go higher, his goal scoring record is excellent and it’s a matter of time before he comes to a Pb league, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens with Haland - definitely a long term hold as I’ve got a feeling summer would be the very earliest he’d move.

  • @BeanDrown Of course he will go much higher. He’s already increased 5 fold in 12 months. It’s the same with many of the other RB Salzburg boys. For example for in on Hwang at 21p and Haaland at 90p. It’s all about being patient and not keep chopping and changing. That’s my opinion anyway and made me 10K profit in 14 months from 10K investment.

  • What's with his ticker trades this last 5 mins? Seems to be going nuts?

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