Patson Daka

  • I totally get both sides of this Patson Daka debate. On one hand he has risen loads and on a 40p week high. On the other hand he is banging goals in for fun and if he continues to do so, he will inevitably move to a top 5 league in Europe. Truth of the matter is Salzburg buy low sell high. They are a selling club fact. They have also built players who have then moved on Haaland, Mane, Minamino,
    So i guess best thing is to follow your gut. But remember last year haaland was 1.80ish and people thought he has skied enough. He carried on blooming and the rest is history. I am no way comparing Haaland to Daka. Just sayin i dont want history to repeat itself there's no point buying Daka once he moves to Europe and that will happen for the simple fact he plays for a selling club. A buy low sell high club. Also they are affiliated with Leipzig and many players have gone to Leipzig from Salzburg to continue their development. So yeh i bought 200 qty of Daka at £1.70 and i am confident that i stilll got in early. I dont want to do another Haaland and miss the boat just because he already went to £1.80 and he in a rubbish league because thats not what yours buying. I aint making same mistake twice so happy to hold Daka. Also they playing today 7.30pm so lets see if he continues....

  • @FukUpayMe
    If anyone thinks he is too high ask the people who didnt buy haaland when he shot to 1.80 and started banging goals ar Salzburg last year. They thought £1.80 was too high because he already banging goals in and not even in a top league.
    More fool them.
    Daka will move. 100%. Then we will reevaluate his price now if its too high.
    Im still kicking myself when my friend told me buy haaland. I thgt 1) small legaue. 2) already banging hattricks 3) his price is too high already for a player in Austrian league.
    I was a fool and i will not make same mistake twice.
    Daka power !
    (Btw; im a £1.70 entree!)

  • @FukUpayMe you say you're not comparing Daka with Halaand but yet you mention the latter's name, six times.

  • @Gaz correction* i am not comparing them as players but i am comparing their prices when they were both at Salzburg hence the whole missed opportunity rant hahaha!

  • Ignoring haaland, you could compare to Jonathan David or Myron boadu, but I've no clue as to a) who's better value out of them or b) whether these young strikers are value as a whole. Regarding b) you could look at lewandowski who is near the end of his career and still 2 pounds odd, but you could also compare them to Osimhen who has links to prem but hasn't broken 3 pounds so idk.

  • Daka is pony, looks like a poor mans Tammy Abraham’s.
    Eratic and no timing.

    There are around 10 strikers in the French league better than him and cheaper.
    Not as if he’s a kid either.

  • @Sonnyjim Harsh but fair.

  • @Sonnyjim no timing? I assume the 21 goals he’s scored in 23 games have all rebounded off his arse unintentionally then?

    Not a kid? He’s a year older than Sancho! Cut the bloke some slack! Not saying he is the ‘second coming’ but can’t argue that he knows where the back of the net is (albeit in a weak league).

  • He's a rough diamond in my opinion. If he's given the chance to be the main man for the rest of this season and next (hopefully a PB team) I think he will improve year on year for a few years yet.

  • I guess you all are split on Daka. Like i said at the very beginning follow your gut. My gut telling me he is being moulded still into something that can be explosive in the coming future. My gut is also telling me dont miss out on him because there's no point buying someone when he's linked to Europe top leagues its too late by then the skill is to get them early. Whoever don't want to buy him now for whatever reason rubbish league or whatever. Tells me these same people wont buy when he moves to top league because then he will be too high? Can't win. u dont wanna pick him.up early on the cheap when he in a rubbish league and neither do u wanna pick him up when he rises and has moved. Do you guys not know that Salzburg had interest in him but were not willing to sell both haaland and Daka in the same window. Its like pool selling mane and salah same time wouldnt happen. Definitely a transfer brewing in my eyes

    Oh and this "pony" is about to kick off in 30mins. So we see......................... 😁😇👍👊

  • Not sure what price he can reach, but I see links to top teams arising very soon, top PL teams included. Newspapers will speculate a lot on the new Haaland story to generate clicks.
    I am actually quite surprised there is still no link to United :)

  • @Sonnyjim the pony just scored another one sunny jim 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Imagine playing in the Austrian Bundesliga and needing two halves of football to score a hat-trick...

  • @JonesyFI-WH maybe a bit harsh but from what I’ve seen of him I don’t think he has much quality to go into a pb league and be successful.

    Put him in a team other a top 4 team in a pb league and he scores 12 max a season.

    Didn’t say a word before but now he’s over £2 it’s a bit mad.

  • @Sonnyjim i'd argue and say 12 goals in a team outside the top 4 would be a very impressive tally (I appreciate you did say max).

    There's not that many that achieve that. Calvert-Lewin and Jimenez both have 13 and i'd say both have been very good this year, Richarlison only 10, and even Firmino who plays for a high scoring team only has 8. Not easy to score half a dozen goals in the Premier League (or any PB league).

    Judging by their prices though i'd say his ceiling is anywhere between £2.50 and £3.00. Though if this is a 'flash in the pan' season he could plummet back to low £1.

  • @JonesyFI-WH yeah I suppose you’re right about the goal tally etc.

    I’m just thinking I’d rather have double the amount of max Arnold than Daka.

    I’d be worried he’d end up like Joelinton or someone like that.

  • @Notanyoldnewuser he scored a hattrick inside 45mins the previous game. Dunno what you're on about son 🤦‍♂️he can't do 1st half hattricks every weekend he ain't God. But maybe you are 😇🤣👍
    Anyway we see him today champ 🧐

  • @FukUpayMe I'm just saying 🗣️szobszlai 🇭🇺 eats🍴daka🇿🇲 for breakfast 🥞

  • @Notanyoldnewuser u wasn't saying that at all son,
    Ur now trying to take this conversation into another category because the last thing you said was so Pathetic and my facts shut you down 😜🤗🤣😁

  • @FukUpayMe WOW. It was what I was saying- I tell you what I'll put in a buy order 1p below the market buy price for one share of a player of your choosing if daka scores a hat-trick in one half of football today, and proves he is on the same level as the mighty szoboszlai. If he doesn't you have to admit that szoboszlai is better than Messi and daka is worse that jesse (lingard).
    I can see why Eric loves getting into arguments on here😂

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