All time profit %% and dividends.

  • Hey guys and gals just a quick question. Does the all time profit total and %% take into account your dividends?? Just looking at my port and trying to work out how much I'm actually up(not bragging as is a only a small % lol)
    Cheers in advance

  • No don't think it takes in divs.

  • @Geeps just take your overall portfolio total and take away your net deposits plus allow for any withdrawals you have made to get your overall ROI. Dont forget your 2% commission if everything is sold to come off.

  • Its utterly irrelevant. Just relates to your current holds. Ignore it , it has no relevance to your all time profitability.

  • It is misleading and stats could be a hell of a lot easier to understand. Look at your bank statement. FI Deposits - withdrawals, then deduct from your portfolio value.
    You can incorporate divs/bonuses and commission too.
    Don't go by their stats though.

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