• Just wana get a few opinions on this before i throw some cash at it. Has to leave liverpool right? Never really guna get a look in with TAA. And is more then likely to stay in the prem with his quality. At 28p as i write this.....has to be worth a few hundred shares. Or am i the only person who still rates him. Thoughts plz 🤔

  • I bought a few weeks ago and he has slipped but he’ll definitely rise as he is destined to be first choice in a mid table team who are challenging for Europa place.

  • What price do you expect him to get to?

    Seamus Coleman who is very comparable is also 28p and he'll be playing at a better club than wherever Clyne ends up.

    Not every cheap player is a goldmine ;)

  • Coleman is underpriced too and like Clyne was injured in the first half of the year.

    Clyne is younger and fresher and will be better value for punters over the next year or two.

  • @Mattynewera he's 100% leaving yes

  • One of those players who in reality is worth 5p to 10p but will probably rise if transferred. So on that basis is probably worth buying. Greater fool theory and all that.

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