Tyrone Mings

  • Falling today by 5p, why though? Guaranteed to be playing Premier League football next season, young and massive potential.....

  • Wouldn’t be too worried.
    Imagine people are just cashing in a bit to have a look at whats happening in the market right now.

    One of my biggest holds.

  • I'm a Villa fan but he's currently overpriced if you compare him to other centre backs around his level. Keane for example is the same age (26) and priced at 41p, i can see him dropping further before the season starts.

    I do think however he's got alot of charecter and that could drive up his price (media hype) next season.

  • @NewUser355508 This player has some real potential. I'm a ipswich fan and remember him playing for us before his expensive move to Bournemouth. Unfortunately in my opinion he is just so injury prone however I noted his value earlier and was considering investing.

  • I would question the phrase "massive potential". He has the potential to be a decent Premier League defender and you can see what price they are. Bournemouth have already drawn their conclusion, hence loaning him and going for Mepham.

  • This post is deleted!

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