• You should read through this forum https://forums.footballindex.co.uk/topic/5017/all-things-football-index/2 and no they are not useless and yes after you win them they return to your account and you can do what you want with them.

  • Technically they should drive everything. A player that can not provide dividends (either in the past or extremely unlikely for the future) should be worthless. Otherwise it is a pyramid scheme where you invest in players in the hope that others invest but don't actually receive anything tangible. Unfortunately it is not how FI works. However they are useful. I started 2-3 months ago and have 120 pounds in dividends from 3.3k worth of deposits which I don't sniff at. That said, I do feel they are slightly stingey with some of them. Midfielders should not be lumped in with attackers for IPD (a goal from Wanyama is not the same as a goal from Kane) and defender IPD is a bit of lottery outside a small handful players which is not reflected in the pricing. I know they feel they have been very generous, but as a newish player it is hard to get a significant number of futures in any player that has regular dividend returns which means the dividends are really a trickle at times,

  • @MrWh1te

  • @jay Thanks - I pretty much get the rest - How long is it after they are notified until they get into your account to spend ?


  • @NewUser361350 every night after 12 usually

  • @MrWh1te Instead of actually disputing my point, you can't.

  • @NewUser336689 bit of attention seeking going on mate ?

  • @NewUser336689 I'll dispute it.

    I've earned £96 since January on £2700 invested.

    Thats getting on for almost 4% made, compared to the 1.6% I'm getting on a bond investment, and I still have 6 more months to go.

    A bet is exactly that. No return if you lose.

    If your advocating betting over FI then why are you here ?

  • @NewUser361350 said in Dividends:


    Can someone simply explain dividends - how they occur? are they real profits? If so when can I reinvest etc etc.


    Dividends are the only reason any player on the index has any value, so they're really really important to understand.

    The rules on the website cover them, but Misto has also made a very useful thread that is pinned at the top of the forum. Make sure you properly familiarise yourself with dividends before you start investing. It's amazing/reckless how many people don't.

  • @NewUser336689 You didnt make a point. You just basically told someone to leave FI and go gamble elsewhere.

  • @MrWh1te I told that person to forget about dividends and go gamble if they want a tenner here and twenty quid there. Hope this helps

  • @NewUser336689 said in Dividends:

    @NewUser361350 They're useless, 10p per share, 5p per share there. just put a bet on!

    You joking? I just hit 2k in dividends since crimbo, about 5% return before any capital appreciation. They most certainly are not useless.

  • @NewUser336689 said in Dividends:

    @MrWh1te I told that person to forget about dividends and go gamble if they want a tenner here and twenty quid there. Hope this helps

    What if they want a tenner here and twenty quid there consistently over the next 3 years for the same bet, which they could them also sell for more than it cost to place in the first place? Which bookies offer that?

    To the OP, as many people have said dividends are what (should) give players their value. There are several ways to win them but make sure you take the time to work out who can and can't, the amount of people on here asking why they haven't been paid out for someone scoring a goal in the Championship etc is staggering.

    I started out just over a year ago and just passed £2,000 in dividends. You also get the money in your balance straight which takes away some of the dilemma of when to sell.

  • I've been on here for 6 weeks and have returned £44.61in dividends
    one of the ways I look at divs is it pays for the commission in sales so to me it offsets trading player's

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