Your top 5 players

  • So, here's a good one for you!

    Who's your top 5 players that you own/hold and would buy more of if you could?

  • @Josh

    No surprise here from the Happy Hornet:-


    Never invest in your own team though😘

  • @Josh

    Lo celso
    Neymar (if I had infinite funds haha)
    Emre can

    Swap neymar for mo salah if klopp stops hooking him at 80 mins

    • Neymar: PB, MB, WC, transfer rumours - He ticks all the boxes

    • Hazard: Like Neymar he ticks all the boxes. Just hold and ride out the price fluctuations

    • Alba: Barca's LB is a great PB/WC option and excellent value compared to Marcelo just one top performance from shooting up like Marcelo did IMO

    • De Scilgio: Juve's RB just back from injury amazing value compared to for example Alba and Marcelo

    • Andre: Value option if you're looking for a consistent PB performer destined for a big club move

  • I have most of the big boys and 2 young talented strikers taking a big Chungking of my portfolio

    Neymar: PB, MB, WC, transfer rumours - He ticks all the boxes

    Pogba: Like Neymar he ticks all the boxes, swap transfer to imminent contract rumours. Just hold and ride out the price fluctuations

    Mbappe: same as above without the transfer/contract, still a kid and huge growth potential

    Ronaldo and Kane : as per Neymar

    Schick : Incredible talent, been unlucky with injuries after joining Roma for 40+m€, when fit will hopefully start bagging in goals and performances, then it won’t be long before he is going to be looked at but one of the bigger teams

    Simeone : great talent, moved to Fiorentina for big money this summer and doing ok in a crappy team, grabbed a PB and he will be a transfer target soon, maybe not this summer but worth the wait at his current price

  • Cyprien - This boy is Magic, fair better than Seri and only a matter of time before the bog teams notice it.
    Koulibaly - Monster stats, decent goal threat, will move onto bigger things
    Milinkovic-Savic - As above
    Fekir - As above
    Insigne - 60+ Avg PPG for a goal-scoring forward at a big club! Off form so now at a bargain price!

  • @Happy-Hornet said in Your top 5 players:


    No surprise here from the Happy Hornet:-


    Never invest in your own team though😘

    I was expecting CHALOBAH x 4 plus one Trevor CHALIBAH IPO

  • Phillip Max LB at Augsburg, set piece taker, linked with host of bigger PL clubs
    Icardi in a mediocre inter team but banging in goals, strikes me as a possible chelsea signing?
    Laporte must now be underpriced if compared to stones and octamendi
    Docoure I think destined for big things and underrated at Watford
    Sciapacasse at Atletico 17 on verge of first team, should be similar price to Foden, Sancho, and Angel Gomez

    Happy for anyone’s thoughts on the above, sancho might be worth a punt too as he is English will surely be linked to PL move

  • @Agatello stocked up insigne 😁

  • My top hold in terms of value is Neymar by such a long way haha. But I'd say 60% of my pot is the likes of Neymar, Ronaldo, Kane, Hazard, Pogba. Out of them I think Ron is about to hit serious form. If he does he's gonna fly.

    Top holds as in favourite / ones I'm pinning most hope on:

    Jadon Sancho - young, becoming established, and English. Currently sat at a very nice profit.

    Pellegri - bought a couple hundred when he was about 1.15. The lad is 16... 16!! Going to be a huge player. No world Cup but that doesn't bother me too much.

    Leon Bailey - nothing left to say here. I picked him up for like a quid when I first joined a month ago. Needless to say I've been topping up any chance I get

    Brahim Diaz - this kid is going to be a super star. Already in and out the City team and was less than a quid yesterday. Big things expected from him

    Jordi Alba - someone has already said it but he's very underpriced considering the position and team he plays. Should be up there with the likes of Marcelo and will be after a few good scores.

    Nearly men - Lo Celso, Alderweireld (just hurry up and get back playing for Christ's sake!) and KDB.

  • Same as most people :

    Also .....
    Timothy Fosu Mensah

  • @SW-FI how many kane and neymar etc hold seen as everyone seems to have some according to this.

  • Not massive amounts 25 Neymar!! 15 of the rest !!

  • I would have to say:

    Neymar (Almost too boring to even write about)
    Werner - Will do well as long as the fans sing quietly during matches - and looking good for a World Cup starting place.
    Asensio - This guy is a real talent and getting established in La Liga
    Lo Celso - Been convinced enough from recent performances to top up to one of my biggest holdings. Natural ability in abundance.
    Angel Gomes - With the passing range of Scholes and the dribbling talent of Giggs...

  • First post on the forum... here's mine! I've only been trading for about a month so any feedback on my picks would be much appreciated. I'm not able to invest much so am hoping for short to medium term increases due to performance...

    Giovani Lo Celso: Got him a couple of weeks ago and rising nicely. With PSG's next two fixtures has a good chance of rising further, just hope he stays in the team.

    Jerome Boateng: Thinking maybe undervalued slightly at about £1.30, plays for Bayern, decent upcoming fixtures, Besiktas in Europe soon. Maybe could reach Benatia levels at least?

    Ciro Immobile: Back from injury, again decent run of fixtures and Steaua in Europe soon.

    Antonio Valencia: Seemed cheap to me at £0.85, really consistent and Mourinho loves him. Was considering Alba, Sandro and Alaba as other underpriced full-backs who maybe could see a spike like Marcelo, went with Valencia in the end. Thinking should have gone with Alba...

    Giacomo Bonaventura: Less sure about him as he's on a rise so might be buying high, but he seems to be in decent form and again MIlan have some decent fixtures and Ludegorets in Europe.

    Also have some Sabitzer and Simeone but they're not doing much at the minute, trying to keep them but as I say I don't have much capital to play with so may sell them in the near future.

  • Bonaventura is a good pick mate. Yes he's on the rise but 99p is the price and at that price he offers pb value. He's risen again last 24 hours in anticipation of another big score. If he hits a decent score again this weekend then he should see another rise etc.

  • @Pierrey2129 Thanks for that, that's what I was hoping for with Bonaventura. I was put off Bailey cause he was on the rise when I started on the index, he was at £1.50... still trying to figure out what good value looks like!

  • @Matt-bankroll Schiappacase does not even get in the B team, ended up selling mine, but will keep an eye on him.

  • So my portfolio is based around young players - under 21 generally who I feel will make a big impact in the next year or so with a view to possibly flipping within 12 months:

    Alexander Isak - With PEA gone, he could step into the shoes if Michy Batshuayi doesn't hit the ground running and is certain to get more game time. Also the added bonus of being Swedish and the imminent launch in Sweden!

    Christian Pulisic - Yes he might not have a world cup this year but he has an unbelievable future ahead of him and will surely catch the eye of the top clubs very soon. Still sub £2 but won't be for long I would expect.

    Mauro Icardi - Going to the world cup, although not first choice with argentina but could still make a big splash, but is linked with a big move to Real Madrid which should happen in the summer - that will certainly increase his value.

    Timo Werner - Great chance of starting for the potential champions Germany at the World Cup and a move to a big club is not far away, potentially even this summer. Bayern almost certainly heading that queue.

    Justin Kluivert - Making big waves in a great Ajax team and although no world cup, he will surely outgrow Amsterdam soon with the big boys already sniffing around.

    Really interesting reading what everyone else is doing too, good to get an indication of the different strategies.

    1. Kane - as England's main man going in to the World Cup and linked to Madrid should be the player to own going to the World Cup.
    2. Naymar - bit boring but safe, shouldn't drop in price and will collect dividends
    3. Ronaldo - although not a long-term hold , will be linked to everyone in the summer so need to have an exit point.

    After that not sure - few weeks ago I would have said Pogba but his price has recovered. I have quite a few of the PB type players mentioned above but most of them are pretty punty and no-one I'd be confident as a sure-fire hold or rate much higher than the others. A while ago I'd have been confident of saying Rashford as his price will rise going into the World Cup but not as confident now as he may drop beforehand and its possible he may be over-taken. Again a while ago I would have said Leon Bailey but his price has rocketed so not really an obvious buy any more (this one was annoying as was hoping he would drop at end of window but an upturn in form caused the opposite).

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