Royal Bank of Chelski

  • With Eden now out of the picture there are real options for a price rise. The players who rise through summer in anticipation of the new season could plummet after a dodgy first couple of games. There seems to be ridiculously high potential for profit. So..

    1. Who will be the next MB king at the bridge?

    2. Who is the next PB king at the bridge?

    3. Who is the player to become the match winner?

    4. Whose price rockets in the summer and fails after not reaching expectation?

  • All about CHO when back from injury and a lot of weight on pulusic shoulders but only see him going one way , however I see CHO breaking £5 when he’s back fit

  • @Lukeroro

    If Sarri goes to Juventus, I can see Lampard taking the reigns.

    If that happens, perhaps Mason Mount will be given the chance to flourish.

  • @johnboywalker that's a popular one but I don't see it happening. With the Hazard money I can see them going all out for a big manager. Could see Terry as the Assistant mind you.

    Mount has a shout. But it just isn't really in Chelsea's DNA. Maybe until RLC returns..

  • Cho is not going to be the saviour for chelsea, the boy needs to develop he isn't mature enough to be the ‘main man’. To much expectation already on him, well on FI anyway.
    At the moment they have no one imo.

  • They have so many “potentials” if given a chance that it’s hard to choose really.
    Kenedy, Piazon and pulisic are a few good gambles.
    Morata seems destined elsewhere but could be forced to stay!
    The rest everyone is already aware of and still a bit of a gamble given Chelsea’s track record with giving youth a chance!

  • Haha young Lucas piazon who is now 25 by the way, managed roughly 1 in 6 in the championship as a forward including in a dominant free scoring Fulham side the other year and currently cant get a look in at chievo. Currently 17p, worth a punt if u like his chances

  • I don't rate Pulisic at all. That said. His price could be the one to rocket and then plummet after a game or two.

    Similarly, Mount could rocket and then drop when benched up Loftus' return.

  • Tammy Abraham is one who could absolutely rocket, or drop like a stone, depending on how the first few games go.

  • @MrWh1te said in Royal Bank of Chelski:

    Tammy Abraham is one who could absolutely rocket, or drop like a stone, depending on how the first few games go.

    Yeah this is the one that im interested in he looked fantastic everytime ive watched him. Reminds me of Zaha and i think thats exactly the kind of player Chelsea will need

  • @Black-wolf Me too.
    I am holding Pulisic and Tammy. They were my first proper buys in January when I started and I have had high hopes for them.


  • @MrWh1te i hold those two aswell. Have you only been on since January i thoughr you’d been here a lot longer than that? 👍

  • @Black-wolf Nah just since 2nd Jan
    Well I did deposit £50 end of October as a test but withdrew a couple of days later and left FI as it wasnt for me.
    Changed my mind and deposited properly in Jan.

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