Easy money on transfer deadline day?

  • I’ll start by saying that this is probably a terrible idea...but I was just thinking about transfer deadline day and how to make a bit of cash.

    Seeing how quickly players shoot up on the index at the slightest sniff of a rumour, could being glued to Twitter, Sky Sports News, Facebook etc and watching for rumours breaking be a good way to make quick money?

    I’m considering having a decent sum in my account and just buying anyone who is linked to a prem move and then selling them soon after (before it turn out to be complete *****!). I’m guessing that with it being the last day of transfer movement people may be on the lookout for a last decent profit in the transfer window.

  • Will probs be a lot of people doing this but yeah coukd work.
    I wouldn't do it if they're moving to a shit club tho.

  • What price range would you be looking at for the players you were targeting?

  • @Yellow Not too sure to be honest, just been interested to see recently how much a players price jumps up with a rumour and can’t help but think this will be even more exaggerated on transfer deadline day when every football fan is glued to the rumour mill all day.

  • @NewUser252969 i tend to find someone always knows something way before you can find any reports so with that in mind you might notice that a player has already risen considerably before you can lump your money on. At least through the summer you can get a few days of growth but on deadline day you could get badly burned. You’d be better trying to predict which of the deadline day transfers is going to be the big talking point for the days after so you at least have the benefit of growth from dividends

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