Can't withdraw from Swedish account

  • Hi,

    Got an email from FI a few days ago that my account will be closed on the 12th of June. All of my portfolio was liquidated all in accordance to what the mail stated. I was advised to withdraw the money from the account before the 12th of June but now when I try to withdraw my money I says it can't withdraw any funds as the account is suspended. So, how should I withdraw my money ?

    This is what the mail says:
    "You will then be able to request a Withdrawal from 12:00:00 BST on June 7th 2019 which will be processed in the usual 5-7 working days.

    Should you fail to make a Withdrawal request during this period we will attempt to make alternative arrangements to repatriate your money, however there may be significant delay in achieving that or, it may indeed not be possible. We strongly recommend you withdraw all funds during the allocated Withdrawal window to avoid any additional inconvenience."

  • Go on live chat, they should be able to help.

  • @Islandri

    Deposit £10 and then you might be able to withdraw the lot as it sometimes needs to reinstate your card as having made the last deposit.

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