Not winning dividends

  • Hi guys. I have a port that I have got from £13,000 to £16,000 in 3 months but I have only won £100 in dividends. It's pretty embarrassing as I see people that have put the amount I have in and get 20 times that amount in dividends. Is this something I should address?

  • @NewUser284509 doesn't stand out as terrible to me...20 x that? sounds dodgey? But guessing if true they did IPDs.

    I have a very diverse port and MB and PB divs with a few IPD divs seems to always be around 2-5% but that's over last 5 months.

    I think it will be best to analyse it after a whole season with a decent lump on PB and MB players.

    Also- people that post figures...ive seen some show photos that are true but misleading...e.g. someone showed they'd earned more divs from a player than they originally put in on a player- this can be done over a long time, but ports can also show it if you sell a lot of shares in the player but keep a few- it still shows the amount of divs won in total. e.g. say i had 100 pogbas, he'd won me £50 of divs. Then i sell 99 of them, for the 1 share left it still shows £50 divs won...(pretty sure).

    Your divs will pick up as PB gets going again- Mb and game days, if you have bought some PB players and not all yths.

  • Hi mate,
    What strategy are you playing?? Are you for dividends ONLY? What % of dividends do you expect from your port, etc?

    Don't forget we are now in media madness only so no PB and IPD. That will change very soon so no stress 👍
    Anyway why embarrassing?? 🤔 Not everyone here is for dividends, many way to make money on FI!!
    For example, I joined YEAR AGO with £2850 and sitting now on £6600 (over 100% ROI) with only £250 dividends won!! So thats really poor mate but I'm not dividends hunter, cap app only cuz my port is to small for that kind strategy IMO!
    You have too find what is the best for you and what kind of players suit that...
    Sometimes is better switch port for cap app instead sitting on dividends players and waiting for 'some' dividends...

  • Ok that makes me feel a lot better. I'm just here to enjoy it and buy players who I think will rise. I don't really have a strategy to be honest. I really enjoy "the game" side of the index and chatting on the forum is great for a newcomer like me. I hear a lot of people saying that dividends drive the prices but I have found that the guys who I have bought and made me the most money are the ones who haven't got me any dividends. Even with media madness I'm not really getting close to any dividends but I'm not losing much in a tough period of the season either.

  • Its not as complicated as some try to make out to be honest, if your in it for the fun and you enjoy it and its making you money then keep doing what your doing id say.

  • I have a portfolio of 20 players and since media madness started, I've had at least 2 players in the top 5 every day. This makes me happy, it's what I invest for, dividends.

    However, my portfolio has fluctuated between a 2-3% drop from its high at the start of the promo. So while everyone around me seems to be seeing decent rises in their transfer-rumour-filled portfolios, mine is dropping daily. Having said that, I'm pretty much breaking even as the divs are covering the losses.

    So make of that what you will haha! Sorry, I'm not sure if this was helpful or not

  • I agree with @Mundek . I like cap app also. An example here what id wish id done back then is bernardo silva. Bit of a debate on twitter ive read is about him not being worth £1.88(nearly £6) old money dividends wise. Totally agree with that, however i remember buying him on his ipo day for £1.50. Same day as salah if im not mistaken, also got at 1.50 odd. If id kept my silvas, then in old money they would be nearly 4.50 per share better off. In hindsight wish id kept them the two years, as he rose 4.50 a share by winning absolutely nothing.

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