Marcus Rashford

  • @PB-man Stirling is not a striker, and just because he got a lot better that doesn't mean rashford will, Stirling has had pep to learn from the last 3 years, rashford has had mourinho, van gaal and now ole, 3 different styles and if ole is gone before the end of next season, which is very possible then what ? He's young and raw still, but could be a top class winger, but never a striker

  • @Jad1982 Whats sterlings goalscoring record vs the big 5 look like? Rashford has scored against them all (some multiple times) at 21 in a shit united team for the most part. That suggests he has more of a strikers instinct and big game temperament than sterling but you want to turn him into another sterling? And yes agreed he may never reach sterlings level, then again he may exceed it. Nobody knew what ronaldo was going to become at 21. Young players in this country need a bit of time to breath.

    id argue rashfords 3 best attributes are raw pace, the runs he makes off the ball and being the first man to engage the press.

    If you take the last 3 months of last season out of the equation (he was clearly carrying an injury from liverpool onwards). his best continuous periods of form in a united shirt came in van gaals last 3 months and oles first 3 months. Both of those periods he has been the man up top.

    Multiple games, lots of goals, lots of impact on football matches in those periods. Apart from twisting up trent can you name me any sustained periods where hes played wide where he has been more effective than in those 2 separate 3 month periods? Seen plenty of evidence he could be good up top. Seen virtually 0 evidence apart from liverpool home game he might be anywhere near as effective out wide. Maybe that too might have been a Mourinho issue.

    Maybe you are right, i just dont see the evidence for it. The evidence suggests otherwise.

  • @dionysusthyrsus we'll have to agree to disagree, because while i think he was rushed back from injury, he did play the last 3 month's of the season, ahead of martial and lukaku, so ole must have felt he was fit enough to play, and if that's the case that he wasn't fit, then I feel for the lad, and its a sign of things to come under a manager that's sticking it all on him at 21. I like him a lot, but not as a striker, maybe in time but not anytime soon

  • For 21s and under he was joint 6th in the world for gna*
    in a shit team for majority of year
    and struggled with injury towards the backend of the season after the liverpool game
    Think he did pretty well
    Needs to work on freekicks tho mygod they are shite

    *If someone were to calculate importance to team percentage wise of goals + assists Rashford would likely be top4

  • @NewUser292125
    now we play the waiting game

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