Ben Yedder

  • Ben Yedder has just announced he wants to leave Sevilla and has a release clause of €40m. Any thoughts on a likely destination? Think he could do a job at a Europa league PL team - Wolves or Everton perhaps? Link to article below (apologies, can only find it in Spanish...).

    Have just picked up a few hundred - will be good for IPD wherever he ends up, but interested in peoples views on potential capital appreciation from a move.

  • That could mean sitting on the bench though at a bigger club, to be fair he’ s at a good club now and plays everyweek.
    Not sure a move does his price any favours.

  • replaced Lacazette in the French squad too

  • Quality Fi player too.
    Great for Pb.

  • Bought him for PB so hope he stays at Sevilla, would much rather him being the main man there rather than moving to a bigger club.

  • Would have agreed had Munas Dabbur not signed a pre-contract with Sevilla. He will go and challenge Ben Yedder for a starting spot - not sure whether that may be the rationale for the desire to move (to guarantee game time and cement his place in the French squad). Different players but ultimately both goal scoring centre forwards...

  • Personally, can see his price going up with a move away. Either way, if he replicates his form from last season then he will be bound to rise gradually throughout the season.

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