Performance Buzz - Top 200 only?

  • As we all know, Penny Stocks are the next big thing Football Index are looking to launch after Performance Buzz.

    It's been confirmed already that only the Top 200 (First Team) will be able to win Media Buzz once Penny Stocks is launched... but will this be the same for Performance Buzz?

    I would hope they keep this rule consistent across both Media and Performance Buzz to avoid stacking the odds against the Trader too much as this is what makes PB an attractive investment. I also think it's a good idea from FI's point of view as it will encourage more trading as people try to push people from the Squad into the 1st Team.

    I personally would not trade with Performance Buzz in mind if it's open to the 1st Team and the Squad, but wanted to know what everyone else thinks?

  • If performance buzz is opened up to people outside the top 200, it'll kill off most hopes of profiting consistently from this.
    However, if you find that little gem in the penny stocks, you could profit from it.

    Overall, because I'm a loser who LOVES those undiscovered hipster players, I'm fine with it. I think I'll make more picking up those guys.

  • Pretty sure it would be top 200 only.

    My issue would be how fluid movement will be. You may see huge changes in who is in the top 200 depending on what game is on. That'd make trading for PBs not really viable (there's no point holding defenders if every team who has a nice fixture has all their defence bumped into the 200). Would mean I think focusing on capital gains again for me.

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