Johnjoe Kenny

  • Gone up around 10p over the last week....under 21’s coming up and a potential loan move away from Everton to another PL club. Do you think we will see a continued rise?

  • @NewUser355508 loan to schalke confirmed a few minutes ago.

  • Starting to fly....

  • I like it. I took plenty at 27p. A bit jammy really as I didn’t know then about the potential loan move then but topped up since the rumours started so now in terms of pure numbers of shares is my biggest hold. But if you look at his international record England U16-21 uninterrupted and a couple of trophies in there too he’s probably still cheap as a potential England international and now hopefully a first team regular in a good PB side.

    That wasn’t intended to be a pump when I started but kind of turned it to one didn’t it! 😂😊

  • Anybody recon he will start over Caligiuri?

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