Selling Sancho!??

  • Thoughts...Sancho isn't going anywhere in the summer, no England games for circa 3 months, falling like nothing I've seen.

    Thoughts on selling up and jumping on van de Beer or putting it all on Fernandes??

    … or do neither???

  • @gball1975 I’ve no idea what the right thing to do is! I’ve got a fair bit of Sancho myself so hoping he will go up as I’m defo not selling at this price. Surely the only way is up? He’s probably England’s brightest prospect, will hopefully have an as good (if not better) season next year for Dortmund and is already a bit of a ‘can do no wrong’ man with all the pundits.

  • @gball1975 it would probably determine when you bought him. How much profit you are making from him and if you think he will fall that far that you can take the profits now and buy back later on if you wish to do so. For me he's a long term hold. Still incredibly young and so much more to his game in the future. The fact him and all the other big boys are falling only means one thing... Time to top up before the trend changes!!!

  • I’m keeping for the long term.

  • I wonder if he'll be as effective at Dortmund when Brandt turns up? I predict a quiet second season and evidently so do quite a few others. Sell and buy someone else or if you got on back ion the day, hold.

  • I think long term he is fine, but I do think he will suffer a drop over summer unless any transfer news heats up again

    Traders seem to be selling him and using the money elsewhere and getting better value, makes sense to me. No reason why they can't but him back? Might ruin your averages prices but if you can profit on other trades why not?

  • @Ellisandro Brandt was moved into centre midfield by Bosz and had his most productive season to date. I expect both of them start with Reus up top. Will be interesting to see how Dortmund will manage them Hazard and Goetze

  • I think a lot of his price was hyped at split with a presumed move to EPL. I sold at end of season and at current price not keen to get back in. Brandt and T Hazard better for PB and much cheaper.

  • He's a long-term hold for me. I currently hold 160, but it used to be about 300, but he kept falling in price so I sold off shares to buy others. He's -55p in the red at the moment but I expect him to rise if he hits the ground running during the new season.

  • I've previously held, but have sold up for profit.

    No transfer speculation this summer & waiting to see how he deals with the dreaded 2nd season syndrome before I make any decisions whether to jump back on.

  • I sold up a little while ago after holding for 8 months. I was reluctant to sell up but it had become a bit of a sentimental hold to be fair and his MB hadnt been what I expected it to be and the PB system isnt well matched to his game. If u have a nice profit on him id consider selling up and using that money elsewhere

  • A 19 yr old scoring 12 goal's and 14 assist's in the Bundesliga is to me mightily impressive and why should he not match or improve on this figure next season.

    The fall maybe I should have seen coming with little mb next few weeks as he is staying at Dortmund.

    One thing is sure and that is I will buy more,just got to pick the right moment.

  • I am at a point with him that whilst in minor profit it is unlikely I will recoup his value with any other purchases. I am going to long term hold, he is bound to bounce back next season

  • Sancho is a long term hold for me - his price is going to suffer for the next 4-8 weeks as he had a move priced in. But think ahead 12 months when he WILL get that move to a big EPL club as well as Euro 2020 and I can only see him flying again once next season gets underway.

  • I have him currently on the waiting list to sell, going to use his monies else where over the summer of transfer spec and do a bit of quick turn arounds (I hope). I'm sure I'll jump on him again come mid August.

  • @Ellisandro I think it's unlikely Dortmund have signed Brandt to destabilise arguably their best player (alongside Reus) and most valuable asset.

    As for Sancho, there's a real possibility he's number one on the Index this time next year.

  • @PB-man Brandt is a German media darling along with Havertz. Especially after he only played a bit part in their World Cup fiasco when he was arguably their best player (which they haven't forgotten see Sane's return for details)

    The German media remains strangely sceptical regarding Sancho. However, to your point I don't think Brandt's arrival destabilises Dortmund or Sancho but I think as mentioned above it's going to tweak the way they play. I'd see how Dortmund start off for the first 5 games before jumping back in.

    Oh and he still doesn't speak German...

  • Just noticed he's back to being classed as a forward, so should have better PB chances. Not sure when amoungst the changes this happened (Rashica back to FWD today too).
    Im down (only own 25) so going to hold tight for next season.
    Euros and potential transfer next summer, espcially if things don't work out at Dortmund this year.

  • @Ellisandro Sure Brandt is a good player but I'd say he's unlikely to negatively impact Sancho who, lets not forget, was the league's leading assister and should keep set pieces. Might be worth waiting to see though, can't see any rockets from Sancho unless a United link appears.

    However, I'd say he's pretty highly rated in Germany, at least amongst his fellow pros (can't speak for the media):


    Will be interesting to see where Brandt fits in. I think he may be rotated initially with Thorgan unless Reus moves up top and vacates the number 10 for one of Brandt/Gotze.

  • @PB-man that's some team right there!!

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