Selling Sancho!??

  • @Gazz127 Sancho has massive potential and his stats for a 19 year old are amazing but his price reflects that.

    All players at the top of the index are taking a hit and Sancho is no exception.

    I don't hold and will not buy at his current price.

    Ideal scenario is he picks up an injury and the price tanks (like CHO) and then I will buy. Sorry, sounds a bit harsh but just too expensive at the moment.

  • @Long-Haul-Col it's funny how we talk about players £5-£7 being expensive when pre-sharesplit both neymar and pogba went completely nuts and people were buying at over £21 a share!!! But yes in regards to the divis you get atm it's probs not the best idea to jump on anything over £5

  • @NewUser179755 Neymar hit £25... (and Pog too IIRC?)

  • @kristiang85 you are mostly likely correct. I went as far as £21 as that's when I sold up but couldn't remember how high they went. Nuts really!!!

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