How much would you have made if you'd bought the French Team from the WC Final 2018?

  • Hell again. How are you all? Inspired by the latest FIGcast and the differing strategies laid out by Don and Panda I have a look at how much money you'd have made buying 20 futures in each player to have played a minute in the World Cup final 2018 for France. Turns out that, for now, stamp collecting is viable. It won't be in the future though!!!

  • Really interesting read. It's posts like this that make me feel better about the recent drops in the big hitters.

    Natural growth of the Index over the next 12 months is going to see massive capital appreciation imo.

  • Thanks for reading bud. I completely agree on the growth. The potential is huge and since I started around a year ago the growth has been really surprising. I fully expect FI to make a real push pre-season after media madness and with that there shold be a sustained increase in users and money going into the Index!! Exciting times!

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