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  • Hi all,

    I have just discovered the fabulous football index but am struggling to understand what dictates price. I know that it is demand but can’t get to grips with what causes the demand. Il explain my situation and then you can tell me where I have gone wrong.

    I bought into auba at £3.65 he then sky rocketed to 3.90 within the same day, I didn’t cash out as I thought if he makes the transfer to Arsenal he will further increase as he willl be playing for a huge club in the best league in the world. The opposit happened he shot down and is sitting at about £3.38 is someone able to explain this?

    The same thing happened with lucas moura I bought into him he shot up only to now have dropped past the initial buy in.

    I am desperate to understand how this all works because I find it amazing and such a great idea.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • Logic that when at BD PEA was sittung about £2.
    25/£2.50 for a long time. The club was in the champions league still at the time. He gets a move to a (in words Of Jose) fantastic club... id not say big has not a established top 4 anymore! The rise goes up being EPL however hes not played yet and a future is a bet on the future performancem Of a player Good or bad effects the orice. When you brought in at £3.65 You was buying into the hype! It continued to £3.90 then droped for It to go up and above £3.90 again he Has to prove his worth on the field the way Mo Salah or H Kane did... Has for Moura again Its the hype the price relates too a performing midfiekd player at spurs CE is worth £2.07p one without game time Lamela 92p It all works ob Hype performance and media How prices fluctuate on here with luck skill and judgement thrown in

  • @Chicken-Badge

    Sorry for typing mistakes my phones a nightmare

  • Hi Chicken, Thanks so much for taking the time to explain this.

    So if auba and moura both get game time can I expect to see their prices rise again?

    I’m new to all of this, I have great football knowledge just not ever traded before so I’m out of my depth.

    Any advice on where to kind of put my money? I was thinking to buy players I think will do well at the weeken d midweek and then sell after the game?

    Thanks in advance

  • Copying this across from another post. In short, you need to think about the following routes to profit when selecting a player. Other traders will be taking a position (whether that's buying or selling) based on their own assessment of likelihood.

    Media buzz. Every day there is a 5p payout per share on the Top 200 player with the most coverage in UK domestic media. On days when there are no big football matches, this increases to a tiered 8p, 5p, and 2p for the top three. It's important to note you can only win if your player is in the Top 200 (I.e. the most expensive 200 players). In Aubameyeng's case,the price will have been slightly inflated when you bought because he was winning lots of daily buzz. After the transfer went through, this was going to start tailing off so people started selling to free up their cash for the next buzz opportunity.

    Performance buzz. Every match day the top performing forward, midfielder, and defender/GK in Europe will win a fixed dividend. This is also tiered based on the number of games, so will be at either 12p, 8p, or 4p per share. The player's price doesn't affect it. Any player is eligible to win the performance buzz, but you need to have bought them before 2pm to win the buzz that day. Maybe some people feel that Aubameyeng's style of play isn't suited to winning performance buzz.

    Capital growth. If a player is deemed increasingly likely to win buzz dividends, their price is likely to rise as other traders invest. A lot of traders try to preempt this by buying players they judge to be priced too low, and selling for a profit once the price starts to rise. This is called flipping. You could try this in the short term (eg. with a transfer rumour or player in good form), or hold in the long-term with a youngster who you think might come good in the next few years. You are buying a share for three years and can sell it at any point in this timeframe. Plenty of people will have flipped Aubameyeng over this window - and unfortunately you got stung by it!

    These are the three main ways of making money. Most people have some combination of media players (such as Paul Pogba or Alexis Sanchez), high performing players (such as Neymar or Paulo Dybala), short term flips (such as Riyad Mahrez or Giroud), and long-term holds (such as Jadon Sancho or Marcus Rashford).

    The key to Football Index is learning to spot opportunities early rather than getting caught up in the hype - when often you'll be left holding at a loss when other traders sell to free up profit.

    Hope that helps.

  • @lostinthedam hi Louis you need to also factor in where the players value has traditionally been and where other players are valued. £4 is the value of a very good striker in the prem or a player with high media attention aka Lukaku. Aubameyang is a bit of an unknown quantity atm so will probably fluctuate a bit until people decide how good he is for MB and PB

  • Long story - Lacazette provides a good comparison, esp as at the same team - he was up near £4 but his form has dipped & he's not scoring, so closer to £2.50. Auba scores for fun and seems to have a lot of MB potential - at the moment his price is closer to the "successful" lacazette. If he hits the ground running he's a good player to own & there should be plenty of mb. If he struggles a bit like laca he should still get MB as he seems a bigger personality

    Short story - seems like a good hold at the very least

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