Ezequiel Ponce returning to Roma as AEK can't afford the fee

  • Ezequiel Ponce 22 - Posted about him earlier on in the season as he was doing really well at AEK on loan from Roma scoring 21 goals and making 4 assists. Wasn't sure whether to go in on him as AEK had an option to buy. Turns out AEK can't afford the fee and he's returning to Roma as of 2 hours ago.

    With Dzeko potentially on his way out and Schick struggling last season he should rise significantly as he's only 44p still due to his time in Greece. Definitely one to look at guys.

    @Vespasian32 - Saw this scenario coming so big ups to him

  • Wow I’d expect him to fly if that’s the case -
    Looked nailed on to stay in Greece

  • Roma are in europa league too so should get some decent opportunities

  • @Itsjadams excellent im in

  • Agreed, ive just bought some. Great shout

  • Fuck it I’m in, good find.

  • @NewUser361278 Cheers mate!

  • @JoshAF91 Cheers buddy

  • @Itsjadams I'd love to get on him but I just cant free anything up whatsoever at the minute as I've moved things around massively recently. I've got a couple that are getting to the stage where I could think about some profit taking but they're involved in u21 euros and copa so would be a bit rash.
    Good luck with him, definitely see the appeal, if he hasn't rocketed a week from now I'll probably have a dabble 👍👍

  • Just looked at the market there, already doing well for you lot, watching brief for me unfortunately

  • Already had a great ride gutted I missed this one should be a good hold

  • This got me looking at the market, theres been a few I've had and traded in that have done really well today

  • @MickTurbo everyone has had this at some point . Either trades someone in and they fly or wait to invest and rocket before you get down to it. You don’t realise how many players you get right though on this platform

  • Yeh you're right bud, like everything else tho, it's the frustrations that u remember. I've got 4 in my port now that I'm 20-25% up on having held no longer than a week so cant complain but frustrated today by ponce, oblak, rashica and Vieira. Oh well, best of luck fellas

  • @MickTurbo to be fair hes climbed a small amount based on this news i wouldnt consider this one missed. Ive seen a lot of people say they thought they’d missed a player and then kept watching them rise and ive done it so many times myself

  • @Black-wolf he should see a good rise when el gets a bit more competitive towards the end of the season but I think he will stay around the 50-60 p mark till the start of the season

  • @jay hope so i bought 900 🤞🏻

  • Screw it. I'm in for 300

  • I’m sold - 1800 in the portfolio... thanks for the news!

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