Players at the top of the index, Stagnated? Why?

  • I have a diverse portfolio which has served me well but am surprised by the lack of movement in the last couple of months of the players at the top of the index.

    Considering the media bonus, the top end has stagnated with no sign of movement, which has surprised me.

    I hold Kane, Sterling, Salah, Mbappe and Rashford who have all stalled in recent weeks.

    I am not concerned and will continue to hold but........

    When do we think this will change?

  • @Long-Haul-Col one week before the end of the bonus we should see all those names boom , some of them are just struggling with lack of games or transfers to get any interest or attention however this bonus should help. When pl season restarts all of them will sit at a higher price then they currently are unless they move away from pl imo.

  • @jay
    I hope so, I know that there is more ROI at the lower end of the market but there must be a tipping point when the more expensive players start to move as the price differential reduces, and investors look towards the big established players again.

    I just expected it to happen with the media bonus.

    I guess dividend income is not as significant as appreciation at the moment

  • @Long-Haul-Col some players did hugely benefit from media bonus players such as de ligt or vvd players who are normally around 2 to 5 spots but never usually first, the top players like pogba and sterling etc are expected to win them hence a larger rise in players like vvd.

    I have no doubt that top 20 players will be flying come the start of pl season with more players coming through increased advertisement money and the platforms amazing growth

  • @Long-Haul-Col

    As othwrs have mentioned once season syarts their price shall gradually rise. . At the same time players such as bernardo silva, gabriel jesus and others who are proven will have a much higher rise which is why they are gradually rising already.. .theres many others.. i say gabriel jesus will be doubke his price by the end of next season.. .so will bwrnardo.. and bale will see a cosiderable rise too. .. if bruno fernandez and lo celso get moves then there will be huge profits.. .

  • Pumped relentlessly in anticipation of share split and now everyone else seems good value and is catching up. They'll rise soon come season time.

  • I raised this concern with Mr Cole months ago - the sheer WOM it would take to move the top players 1p was a primary concern of mine holding a top heavy portfolio post SS.

    I proposed that different bands should be used for different price ranges to continue to grow the whole market.

    Although, they didn't agree with this strategy, they did advise that the delta was not fixed & what rules apply today (roughly 900 shares to move 1p) could be tweaked in the future.

    Realising this was bad news currently for the top players I sold all my stock in the top end & moved down to concentrate on players sub £3.50.

    This is the mark where I have identified the market tends to stagnant with the WOM being significant to move the players value.

    When the delta is adjusted, it will then be the green light to get involved on the top end once again.

    Until then, I'll give them a wide birth. 👍

  • @Ericali but we have still seen the power of the market. I think 900 shares is an absolute joke to budge a £7 player to £7.01...but when the neymar allegations came out and he dropped to 6.55 ish he bounced back to 7.25? So I think it's worth having him while he's so undervalued... One or two positive indicators to market and he can explode quickly. The cheaper mob are serving us well... But the money moves to the top 50-100 as soon as the season starts. Im taking a bad few weeks now to top up on the guys tanking... Expecting a very good turnaround in a month or so

  • @Vespasian32 I agree the 900 to move a £7 player to £7.01 is a joke, & the reason I'm staying away until it's adjusted accordingly.

    The top end is moving 3 times as slow.

    Pre-SS it was 100, so they split the shares by 3, so it should have been 300 to move the top guys a penny, to keep it at the same rate of growth. This is why they have stagnated.

    If they were worried about it not being the same across the board, it should have been done on WOM (weight of money) as I suggested.

    But they pointed to the growth of the market being 5 times what it was 12 months previous which would offset this concern.

    Obviously, it hasn't & we still need more users to join OR they need to tweak the delta & revitalise the top end.

  • @Ericali I think it's more down to actual price still. End of the day you will make more money short term from Cap appreciation and if people are joining now or even old users people will be chasing actual transfers which mostly is players below £3. Mbappe moved 45p the other day following a weak news report so you can see they can move quickly. I expect to see an div increase by end of year which will see money ploughed back into big boys too.

  • Pogba up like 9p in last hour. It is still possible... Just on one piece of news saying he's not for sale.

  • I agree 900 shares at the top end is a joke. One of the reasons for the share split was so you didnt have to pay 7k to move Pogba or Neymar a penny. Turns out you still do.

  • @NewUser275766 said in Players at the top of the index, Stagnated? Why?:

    I agree 900 shares at the top end is a joke. One of the reasons for the share split was so you didnt have to pay 7k to move Pogba or Neymar a penny. Turns out you still do.

    Which makes sense; the SS wasn't to change how much you raise a player by, but the psychological effect of prices being more attractive.

    If you changed the metric that moved prices, it will cause all sorts of chaos when players decline in value later on in their careers and would start going into negative in some cases, which is obviously not viable.

  • @kristiang85 and @NewUser275766 but it's also allowed prices to not drop too much either. It meant the investment could be protected a little too. Were just in a period where the smaller priced players are increasing because there is much cap appreciation to be had. Also apart from Hazard, Felix and maybe one other potentionally the top 20 players won't actually be moving clubs.

  • It's created stability in the market and longevity, rather than a boom or bust market.

  • @Vespasian32 Piece of news saying he's now willing to take a paycut. Holders must have had a painful summer of paranoia.

  • @LuaLua but also he's turning Muslim... Kerching!

  • My morning has encapsulated just why there is so much debate around Pogba (and Co.) I saw him at £7.03 with news that Utd say not for sale... And I thought.... Ooo juicy! IS some of my cheap players with low spread who werent doing much... Raised £ to buy max on Pogba and realised it was only 164 shares or something like that....and decided against it... As even a 10p rise wouldn't buy me lunch!

    So I'm right on the precipice... If I had £10k I'd put it on him... Doesnt make sense but that's what went through my head

  • @Vespasian32 You must be a hungry man.

  • @NewUser275766 tbf I expense my food - what i meant was (and this is purely psychological i guess) im not investing £1200 to make £16 cap ap and £4 divs

    my mind is twisted by the transfer window - blinded by short term vision!

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