• Any idea what the sudden rise is about? I can’t seem to find any info 🤔

  • Scored in both of Bosnia’s recent games I believe. Shouldn’t technically rise off them but I think people are starting to realise he is the real deal - should do even better next season.

    One of those I wish I bought more of when I got him at 27p - quadrupled my money in under 6 months

  • I'm 400% up on him now. Its just a pity I only put £15 on him originally, one of my smallest investments. Damn.

  • A big trader mentioned him on twitter, ridiculous really.

  • @Chris-J I think he's from kosovo but an unreal talent. Watched him play in the German league and when he plays against England in the euro qualifiers I reckon he will cause our defence all sorts of issues.

  • @TwattyRaphael A while back Crystal Palace was mentioned to be interested in him but I think it was German media. Gone quiet now. I think he's pretty settled in Bremen. But put him on your watch list.... You won't regret it!

  • Scored for Kosovo. I've talked about this lad before, as I'm from there and can honestly say he's a top top talent.

    We're a new nation in the football scene, but our youth talent is unreal, so you can expect us to take the international football scene by storm gradually.

    Everyone back home raves about him, and only 22 too .

  • @NewUser179755 said in Rashica:

    @Chris-J I think he's from kosovo but an unreal talent. Watched him play in the German league and when he plays against England in the euro qualifiers I reckon he will cause our defence all sorts of issues.

    Yea correct on Kosovo - seems to be doing well internationally so could gain some attention during the England game.

    He will be taking all of Bremen’s free kicks and penalties next season with Max Kruse leaving.

    I’m hoping he can reach Thorgan Hazards mid season peak next season (1.90ish) followed by some serious transfer speculation.

    I only see more growth ahead with this one.

  • @Chris-J Absolutely. I wasn't sure to begin with so kept buying and selling him!!! Made lots of profits along the way but what a mistake. Will be holding for a lot longer this time! I think now he's past the £1mark there's only one way for him and that's going up!

  • He’s changed from a mid to a forward too which helps his chances of winning PB. Assuming he stays that way with OPTA now

  • He’s a quality player wont stay at Bremen for long if he keeps progressing, gutted I didn’t think of investing earlier

  • Scored and assisted for kosova in a 3-2 win against Bulgaria last night. 22 years of age and probably the best player at bremen already and he's a good pb player.
    i'll be surprised if there's no transfer links to bigger clubs before season is over too. Just wish I had more shares! He'll be a £2 player in the next 6 months imo or very close at least.

  • I want to top up on Rashica, but I think there could well be a dip once this flurry of excitement has dissipated. Or will he just keep going up?

    I've decided against topping up on so many occasions I'm not losing out now...

  • @kristiang85

    Buy some now and buy some when he dips, because he probably will, but only by a little.

    That way you won't lose out

  • Destined for a move to Leipzig now surely? Where do we see his price? More around the Nkunku/Sabitzer, or does he have the potential to go £4+?

  • @chaps1988 where did you see this? He a recent ME purchase of mine and this is great news as my plan was to only trade the spread but i think ill hold now if this is true

  • @Black-wolf just googled Rashica and there were some links. All ties in nicely tbh with Werner leaving, Bremen struggling, release clause etc. Never seen Rashica play, any good?

  • Think he will go to Leipzig especially with Werner leaving. Has a 38 mil release clause which gets cut to 13mil if Werder get relegated. He’d be a bargain at that price, he’s an excellent player in a woeful team.

  • @Black-wolf My only note of caution is that he might be a Werner replacement but he's currently listed as a MID so he would need to be scoring plenty of goals just to beat his own teammates, notwithstanding a potential move for Sabitzer. If he gets reclassified then I think he's more interesting.

  • @chaps1988 ive never watched him either i only bought based on other traders regularly talking about him and he had a huge spread so i only bought to make money from that spread.

    Im not worried about him being Classed as a mid as a move to Leipzig alone is good for his price, i consider them one of the best teams outside of england from an FI perspective

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