Thomas Lemar

  • Does anyone else think he is massively underpriced 74p compared to similar players like Martial and Ousmane Dembele, with growth of index hopefully over the next year I can easily see him with a good season being over £2

  • In short, yes I think he is underpriced but hasn't really broken out at Atletico, this could be a big season for him and if it is those who invested a while back when he was down at £0.60 ps will be laughing all the way to the bank

  • I got on him a while ago at 68p because like you say he seemed crazy cheap considering his age and potential. Think he has struggled first season at Atletico so for me he either comes back with a bang next season or he is crap and ends up being sold to PSG for a cut price

  • With Griezmann off as well he could be the main man for them, unbelievable price ATM if he lives up to his potential

  • He looked decent last few games of the season, i think he could have a great year.

    I think he will see a decent rise over the season but any investment isn't going to payoff in the short term.

  • Right about now I'm 50/50

  • @NewUser292125

    I have looked at him recently and tend to agree he looks very cheap.

    I have not bought any as it seems to me that unless he moves from Atletico then I cant see much increase.

    Simeone has a very fixed way to play which is not suited to Lemar's game at all, bourne out by this seasons stats and performances.

    If he were to move I would be buying in bulk at that price, still only 23 and great potential.

  • @NewUser292125 If you are looking for a young underpriced wide attacker who is French then look no further than Kingsley Coman at Bayern Munich.

    Young, playing at a big club in a PB league, back fit (hopefuly for the season) and bound to have much more game time with Robben and Ribery due to collect their pensions.

    Currently £1.23, easily a £2 to £3- with a run of games without injury.

    Please don't buy till Friday as I intend to top up on Thursday :)

    Sorry, massive Pump but loosely related to the original thread

  • @Long-Haul-Col a great player and agree with you on this , however I would be cautious as it is not an injury now he is recovering on he has been plagued with injures ever since breaking through at Bayern he has had more than 20 different injuries! This is a large concern for a 23 year old never the less is a great skill full talent and he was already starting over robben and ribery last season so got good time anyways. Great player just plagued with injures he even stated one more right ankle injury and he would consider retirement

  • @jay can't disagree with any of that but imagine where his price will be with an injury free season?

    Fingers crossed

  • Like the sound of Lemar don’t see it as too much of a risk as if he doesn’t do will with athleti will probably be on his way out somewhere and sure to rise at some point.
    In addition with Griezmann going it should open more freedom to the attack because of this I have also invested in Víctor Mollejo , not gonna pump he’s an 18 year old striker for athelti can look if your interested. I feel him and Lemar could have a lot more chances and will be relied on more to create

  • Links with Lyon again today and rumours are he is very interested, could be a massive move pb wise when you look at depay price

  • @MUFC maybe he wasn't keen on a loan? Is this a transfer now? Or maybe being subbed at wknd pissed him off enough.

    If he goes French lg, he will have pb potential.
    Prem = some mb

    If it's a loan he will then have a chance to put himself in the shop window for the summer.

    I'm holding

  • Didn’t he say the other he wants to stay at athletico.

  • @Tom77 that was with the previous offer...maybe he has been told to leave now. Or his agents were wangling...he did start last game but got subbed reasonably early 2nd half.

  • @Westy I think he will definitely be off this window, Madrid were keen on Rodrigo of Valencia but have cavani now, reports coming out yesterday were he is keen alongside digne of Everton, both would be very good and rewarding holds at Lyon, more so Lemar who could easily double before the euros, maybe even treble with good pb performances, he's just at the wrong club to showcase his skills

  • metro linking arsenal today...think i prefer saka and pepe to be honest...but still good news for holders.

  • @Westy great news for holders, would fly over £2 instantly, holding a 1000 since 88p so be very nice indeed

  • I’m amazed a solid link to Lyon and not so solid link to Arsenal hasn’t sent him up higher if I’m honest

  • @FarkeBall-Index I am quite happy about this as I will double to 2000 once my cherki have gone out the sell queue so better for me he stays just where he is for a few days 👍🤫

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