Tips for 2019/20 season

  • Konstantinos Galanopoulos - AEK Athens - 23p - Midfielder

    This one is an absolute punt, but, a young player who's playing regular first team football is always something I look for.

    Galanopoulos, who is 21, played 17 times in the league last season, but more importantly 9 times in the Champions League, which got him noticed by the likes of Spurs apparently (, although no move materialised. He is also a regular starter for the Greece U21 setup and is expected to make the setup to the senior squad. Widely considered as one of the brightest young players in Greece, he could go on to have a decent career at a higher level that he is playing at currently.

    Why the punt? Simple really, downside risk is very limited, and whilst he will never be a £2 player, there is certainly realistic room for growth from this price. AEK have qualified for the Europa League next season so his exposure will be there across Europe again too.
    Best case scenario, he gets a move to one of the bigger divisions in Europe and makes his mark, worst case scenario, he continues to increase his reputation in the Greek league and moves on to the senior international team, either way, his price seems way too low to me.

  • @mike778 i take your point and I don't disagree that the value of certain players compared to actual tangible value in the current dividend system is way off.
    I do though think that it is is FI interest to increase the value of the lower end which I think they have started to do with IPD. I think it will help promote a healthier market. Pure speculation though.
    I'm new and have therefore been buying largely cheap young players and that has been doing me very well. The top of the market has been stagnant so I have mostly stayed away. I'm sure this will change at some point though I will just have to be ready!

  • I think Salah will get better, peak age chasing the title back off the champions league win.

  • @TopTalentScout Taken a drop to 59p so have topped up more, bringing my average buy price to 60p, happy to hold this one.

  • The Ox, full pre season in him to get him in shape for new season. This season he could be playing for both England and Liverpool which will see his price rocket, Loftus Cheek Is £2 + and Chamberlain is currently less than £1.40

  • @NewUser103993 Is he a guaranteed starter if fit? I would have thought he'll still be a bench player.

  • @NewUser103993 Not a guaranteed starter no but Klopp was a big fan of him prior to his injury, played him in nearly all the big games. With champs league and league expect him to get a lot more game time than Lofus Cheek got this year for example

  • Have sold Josh Da Silva for 38p, locking in a tasty 40% profit in just over 14 days. Would have held but I've found someone who offers better value at a lower price, a player that has been overlooked as he doesn't appear in the squad list for Liverpool, will post details shortly. Those who got in on Da Silva at the beginning, well done, lovely profit!

  • Ovie Ejaria - Liverpool - 31p - Midfielder

    I missed this one completely as didn't appear on the squad list for Liverpool, but this is one that I feel is massively undervalued compared to similar players on the index. Ejaria is a flair type attacking midfielder who spent last season on loan at Rangers and then Reading. Admittedly had a miserable time at Rangers, struggling to adjust to the physical nature of the SPL, but really came into his own at Reading at the end of last season.

    He is back at Liverpool but available for loan again this season, Reading are reportedly in pole position to sign him but Leeds are also interested. Rated highly by Reading fans, another good spell out on loan should raise his profile considerably.

    Is he the next Hudson-Odoi, definitely not, but at 31p he is definitely undervalued when you consider similar players in terms of age and profile are 60p+.

  • @TopTalentScout I have a similar post. I agree with what you say can see him rise to £0.60 if not more after a good start with Reading.

  • Rashford, foden, Vinicius junior - all long term holds for me

  • @TopTalentScout Didn't expect Ejaria to rise 20% so quickly so I've taken the profit. Always work on the basis that profit isn't profit until banked, can't ignore such a fast rise. Taking a slight change of tact moving forward, trying to get more players in the top leagues in my port. Have two more additions which I will post shortly.

  • Allan Saint-Maximin - Nice - 92p - Winger

    Ranked in between Messi and Hazard for most dribbles per game last season, this flamboyant winger is considered the ultimate showboater in France. Looks like he manages to add some substance to that though, scoring 6 goals for Nice last season. At 22 years old, he is clearly finding his feet and will be hoping to kick on this coming season. Multiple rumours of moves to the Premier League with Newcastle, Everton and Crystal Palace all interested in the £25 million rated player.

  • Ejara billed as a potential 60p player...2 days later sold for 36p.

    @TopTalentScout forgive me, but doesn't seem like you had any real belief in Ejara.

  • @Yellow No forgiveness required, money talks at the end of the day, that's why we are all here. 20% profit in 24 hours cannot be ignored and wasn't expected so quickly.

  • @TopTalentScout said in Tips for 2019/20 season:

    @TopTalentScout Didn't expect Ejaria to rise 20% so quickly so I've taken the profit. Always work on the basis that profit isn't profit until banked, can't ignore such a fast rise. Taking a slight change of tact moving forward, trying to get more players in the top leagues in my port. Have two more additions which I will post shortly.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to use the forum to perfectly execute a pump and dump.

    With talk of twitter users being suspended for this kind of strategy, I wonder if they are also checking threads on here?

  • @Coleyscrooge I was waiting for the good old 'pump and dump' claim. This is a matter of opinion I guess. I find players that I think are undervalued and I post them, with my reasoning as to why I think they are undervalued. My expectation is that these players will rise over a period of time, not 24 hours as happened with Ejaria. 20% return in 24 hours would be foolish to ignore. He is, in my opinion, undervalued compared to similar players with similar profile, ie, position, age, nationality, exposure to first team football, potential etc. However, with the 'potential' sell off on the 1st July that everyone keeps referring to, there is nothing wrong with banking profit when it appears quickly, at least I'm honest enough to tell people when I've sold.

  • In fairness, I thought it was you that started a thread bigging up Ejaria claiming you had been a “Reading season ticket holder for 20 years” or something. However I’ve just checked and that was “Talentfinder” who I assume is a different user.

    Starting a thread, multiple mentions on other threads, and then selling within a week would definitely be a “pump and dump”!

    However in this case I’m mistaken so my apologies.

  • @Coleyscrooge I saw that, annoyed me actually as it's a similar name to mine and I knew someone would assume it was the same user. I can honestly say I've never seen him play. I know Rangers fans didn't rate him at all, but Reading fans were very positive on him and are delighted at the prospect of getting him back on loan this season.

  • Konrad Laimer - RB Leipzig - 45p - Midfielder

    At 22 years old and playing 29 games in the Bundesliga for Leipzig last season, Laimer fits the profile for young players in the top leagues with the potential for FI value. Having also just made is overdue debut for the Austrian senior team, Laimer should get a fair bit of exposure of the coming season. He was voted MOM in his last international game showing that he was more than ready for the step up from the under 21's.

    I'm hoping for another solid season at Leipzig and further exposure in the senior Austrian team, at 45p seems undervalued to me. Austria have a decent chance of qualifying for the Euro's next summer too.

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