• Looks a bargain at 36p can surely only rise next season, suffered serious injury but should be back in the fold this season coming, England international and only 24

  • 44p now, what do people think he will be at if he gets back to his best

  • Breaks the England squad and double? I am not sure if he's playing centre back or holding mid.

    Centre back I think he has too many competitors to be a big index player. Not much media, next to no PB attraction. Unsure really, could be a bit of cap app with transfer rumours as he has pedigree.

    Holding mid? Look at Jordan Henderson, England vice captain and Champions League winning Liverpool's captain. 45p. Holding mids are not spectacular so no MB and notoriously useless for PB. Kante is 56p and is regarded as the best around.

    I just don't see the boy winning dividends at centre back so no major rise and he has no hope of he stays in midfield.

  • Getting deja vu @Happy-Hornet 🤔

  • Chalobah - Needs to get into the Watford 1st team.. Capue (player of the year) & Doucoure (£25m player) will be difficult to shift, Bought another centre back in Crig Dawson and Watford have a few players for this position.
    Therefore don’t think he will play, had a major injury (knee bone in a few pieces) and therefore all in all a pass..
    I am not a holder now, but was quite sweet on him as an FI investment 18 months back.
    Will probably sky rocket.... but can’t see it.

  • @Happy-Hornet was quite sweet on him? Understatement of the year 🤣 was funny though.

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