Xhaka for gunners captaincy?

  • If he's made captain, like reports are suggesting. Surely he is great value at 0.68p can't help but think he is the type to step his game up if this is the case, his on scores are pretty good too. And if he doesn't get the band, is he heading to inter?

  • Decent PB type player anyway. For his current price he is a hold. Scores long shots, scores free kicks, builds up pb points on passing and intercepting. A move to Inter would see his PB scores go higher as he wont be put under so much pressure- where he makes the odd clanger at the moment.

    He has been well off form recently, but id put that down to the mess of a team around him, tactics changing non stop and end of season lag. He is frustrating to watch, but when on form a key player- i have moaned about him many times, but there was an away trip to City where i was moaning he was injured/suspended.

  • A booking a day keeps the PB away

  • @Lukeroro Banega does alright...

  • Actually thinking of Banega, if Xhaka goes, i'd bet Unai would be back in for Banega.

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