• Any channels with good FI content worth checking out?

  • Everyone just pumps their own stuff, you can get the basics by reading the "all things football index" thread pinned to the top of this forum.

    Watch & learn how the markets move & react & do you own research & you will be fine.

    A good few hours shift over a week or 2 & you should be clued up enough on other players to add to the base knowledge I presume you already have.

  • Football Index Guide Podcast and YouTube Channel are worth listening to. Some good stuff in there.

    Jonathan Quinn has some good YouTube videos if you search for his channel

  • @Journey i second that, would have suggested exactly the same.

  • Yup, Jonathan Quinn is worth checking out, surprised how few views he gets. Other than that, I watch a few different fan channels from different clubs. They seem to be more informative about academy players and future talent coming through.
    Full time devils
    Stephen Howson
    United stand
    Football terrace
    Redmen TV
    CFC fantv

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