Chelsea talking to Lampard

  • Not sure if this has legs but what are the consequences of him returning.

  • I dont see chelsea taking that gamble when allegri is available, but it's almost a certainty he will manage them one day

  • Can’t see Jose going back. As a top club manager I think he’s finished. I can see Lampard possibly being given a chance after having a successful start at Derby. If Lampard does go I expect all of Chelsea’s young stars to rise even if they’re injured or what not.

  • @Jad1982 Not sure that a big name manager will want the job.

    Not able to bring in players for two transfer windows severely hampers a managers plans. Also most Chelsea managers don't tend to last much more than two transfer windows anyway.

    Lampard is nailed on for me. It gives the club a chance to use some of the dozens of youngsters on loan to other clubs around the world. If it doesn't work then they will change managers when Chelsea are able to buy players again.

    Seems to work for Lampard and the club, who else is there?

  • A big if but if Lampard is given a chance then the Chelsea youth and players that have been out on loan could get a big rise as they could easily be given a chance.
    Lampard can surely only take the job with assurances that his given enough time.
    But we all know the Chelsea way don't we.

  • @Long-Haul-Col I did think about the ban, and it does make it harder for top manager to take the job, you're right there, but they're appealing the length of the ban, so it may end up being a one window ban, surely Allegri didn't leave juve to sit around doing nothing, he has been touted as coming to prem for last 2 seasons now. I don't believe there are any other top teams available to manage except maybe Bayern Munich possibly

  • @Jad1982 CAS, the Court of Arbitration for Sport has never over turned a FIFA ruling and I cant see it happening now.

    In fact the ban could be extended rather than removed or reduced

  • 10 years ago, Chelsea could have any manager in the world almost. They are not the draw for managers they used to be. The continuous sacking of managers is one factor. Selling their best player and having a transfer ban certainly doesn't help.

  • @Gazz127 said in Chelsea talking to Lampard:

    Not sure if this has legs but what are the consequences of him returning.

    Mason Mount will rise by around 30 / 40 p i would wager

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