3 months on the index...

  • Fast approaching 3 months on the index and have enjoyed every minute and learned A LOT about the market. Invested £500 spread out over the first 3-4 weeks. Made plenty of rookie mistakes which cost me about £20 in commission within the first week due to panic buying, panic instant selling and getting sucked into that deadly top 5 risers section...

    I've learnt that patience is key now and am currently sitting on a 12% ROI which I think is decent for just under 3 months.

    Portfolio is below. Trying to keep it quite diversified between MB and also long term holds for cap app. Looking forward to the new season to see how the market plays out as I joined the index with only about 4-5 GW's left of the season.

    Not sure why I hold 1-2 share in some players which can be frustrating when they see a decent rise but hey I guess every penny tops up the profit 😂0_1560266218253_Screenshot_20190611-160836_Football INDEX.jpg 0_1560266232006_Screenshot_20190611-160842_Football INDEX.jpg 0_1560266243284_Screenshot_20190611-160851_Football INDEX.jpg 0_1560266252284_Screenshot_20190611-160858_Football INDEX.jpg

  • Very good start, plenty green on there so you are clearly picking the correct players 👍👍👍👍

    You planning on investing more? Monthly top ups or just sticking with your original investment?

  • I started out about 4 months ago with £250 to try it out and made the same errors as yourself early doors. Got myself a nice little 20% roi but could have been so much better if I had had more patience from the get go.

  • Agreed. I'm three months in and have similar stats on spend and return to you. I think all new starters should be realistic and expect something like this initially.

    A lot of people see the big Twitter characters talk of thousands of profit, which is great, but I'll wager for the majority of people it's more like your portfolio.

    As you say, the key really is patience. Top up every so often. Grow your portfolio. Learn better portfolio management techniques. Hope for the best (Hope the index doesn't crash!)

  • @GregT14 Cheers 👍🏻 I do plan to invest more, maybe in a few months or so, dont want to over invest in the summer as I've never experienced how the market reacts to the start of a new season. Expect a big shift from MB to PB and IPD, so will probably sit back and observe the market for the first month or so of the new season then will look to invest. The plan this summer is to just sell up my MB shares at the right time and maximise my profits on them!

  • @MD2053 20% over 4 months isnt to he sneezed at. You ain't going to find percentages like that it many other investments. Think that's a cracking return over 4 months, onwards and upwards 🚀🚀🚀

  • also while you've been building your port. Hopefully you have signed up for the bonuses????? and not missed out on the free cash just for doing what you'd do anyway!!!!

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