De Ligt

  • Why the big sell off last night, I lost 90+ Pound on him over night, what's the big news

  • @Mark.M Very close to signing for PSG which would not be good for his price

  • He always seems to be very close
    To signing for someone and it all keeps dragging on

  • @Indexical very true. He has EPL built into his price tho so anywhere else will see a fair drop. All about timing the exit vs potential MB

  • @Indexical

    Worth keeping a very close eye on as PSG doesn't keep a price holding up as much as Man Utd. Also that pesky Neymar nicks all the limelight!

  • Was always high risk if you were jumping on late. It was always going to happen and when he decides to either go PSG, Barcelona or Juventus his price will plummet. He only said the other day he’s going on vacation to mull things over. I can’t see how he would made a decision that quickly.

  • He dropped 4p in one hit I noticed last night weird

  • @Mark.M I know people will sell because there is now a chance of less MB but his PB scores (you would think) would be very generous at PSG and he does love a headed goal. Look at Kimmich for example, there will be an initial sell off if he goes to PSG but people should think longer term. I don't hold but can see the plus side of him going to PSG for holders

  • I dont hold him but if there is a huge crash if he goes psg id be getting involved 100%.. way more chance of PB at psg than any of his other options, reduced MB i get that but money is money no matter where it comes from!

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