• Lukaku is at a very low buying price compared to the heights he has been in the past and with a move looking very likely surely now is a good time to snap him up.
    He scored twice last night and is Belgiums main striker and with the Euros next summer he is bound to hit dizzy heights again.
    Long Term investment??
    Thoughts please??

  • Yep I agree. I bought in on him when he was quite high so I'm down 15% right now, but I'm absolutely convinced in the right team he will be a goal machine. That could still be United (ideally, for MB) depending on who they bring in. However, somewhere like Italy I think he will get lots of good PB too.

    I'm holding for sure.

  • This record speaks for itself. I'm at a loss on him by a few pence still but keep topping up!
    0_1560357738932_Screenshot_20190612-065801_Sky Sports.jpg

  • He is a must for the Euros but he ain’t always going to be this cheap.....stock up now if you want my advice.
    Maybe he will smash it for whoever he joins too.

  • @NewUser366030 bit off topic but good for FI fans, applications for the tickets for Euro 2020 went live today.

    Semi finals and finals in London July 2020

  • If he leaves united his value tanks tho.

  • Very risky buying anyone leaving United as there is a premium built into their price just by being at Man U. He is not a PB player, won't get much if any MB and is currently too expensive for an IPD flip. Poor value at the current price.

  • Horrendous PB scores and any chance of MB is gone once he leaves united. Might retain his current vlaue if he stays but a move to INter is looking more and more likely. Might be worth getting for IPD if his price drops below £1 at Inter

  • @Moukoko

    Funny you should say that.. it'll be me and the mrs anniversary this time next year (22 Jun) and she's always wanted to go to Rome (we've both been but not together)... I checked the fixtures yesterday and luckily for me there's a game in Rome on the 21st Jun next year!!! so i got my ticket application straight in!!!

    Not told her yet of the surprise but if we get tickets I'll certainly book the flights and accom.. The question is 'when' do i break it to her that she's got to sit through 90 mins of Poland verses Hungary as part of the package!!!!!!!!!?

    As for Lukaku... He might be marmite and infuriate many that watch him but he does score goals... so wherever he goes next he should be a good IPD hold?

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