Football Index digital marketing

  • Just wanted to point out that I've noticed Football Index targeting football related youtube channels via sponsoring videos, I think this is a great idea and was wondering If anyone else has noticed more channels. The two I've seen ads on so far have been;

    The United Stand - Man Utd based youtube channel
    Tifo Football - Informative, illustrated football analysis.

    Have you spotted any others?

  • I've been seeing FI ads on YouTube for a while. I can't help but feel I'm targeted as I'm here all the time but I don't watch too much football stuff on YT - hopefully its just as exposed to people who have never been here!

  • @kristiang85 I wonder that myself. When I see digital FI ads. I don't know if it's a ad I'll see all the time or a ad targeted at me because I look FI.

    Like when you buy something online then for weeks you see ads about that product, and I just think "fuck off, I brought it"


    Homepage has changed on another marketing note.

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