Where do I put my De Ligt money?

  • Harry maguire

  • Chilwell- I imagine city will be in for him soon. Second best left back in the league. Infact, all of the Leicester big boys! Lol

  • @LittleFish Invest it in De Ligt

    Plenty more MB to come and wherever he ends up hes going to have plenty of PB potential

    Plus hes now only £3.13

  • Depends on how long your willing to wait for the right return. Callum Wilson will want his big move over the nx 12 month. 27 now. £1.12.
    Or a quick return maybe Zaha £2.02. Same for him for champions league football. Player power. Cheap one. Nick Pope 27p if he wants to push for the England squad again he needs to move. Could reach 35 by August. Think Maguire May get to £2.10 but may fade back to £1.60 ish after move.

  • Maybe there will be another surge if Chelsea get their transfer ban upheld from the Court of Arbitration.

    So your Mounts and Abraham's could get a spike. Plus the pair are in the under 21 tournament.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah
    He was £3.30 when I sold this morning. Think I'll give him a miss for a bit.

  • @DavidMUFC1987 thanks. On him for awhile and showing anice profit even if I IS now.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah said in Where do I put my De Ligt money?:

    @LittleFish Invest it in De Ligt

    Plenty more MB to come and wherever he ends up hes going to have plenty of PB potential

    Plus hes now only £3.13

    I got out on de ligt a while back. He’s at his peak price now and if anyone buys him now you will be throwing your money away. He’s as high risk as they come. He will pick up some MB but when he falls below £2 when he decides between PSG and Barcelona. My advice to de ligt holders get out now.

  • @Moukoko thanks. I'll have a look into them. Don't have any homeless players in my portfolio.

  • @DavidMUFC1987 People are so obsessed with quick returns. He will earn plenty of MB and PB over the next 3 years and you're right he will likely fall to £2 something but a couple of PB wins and he will start to climb again. More MB again today is likely and tomorrow etc

  • Jurgen #Klopp has reignited his interest in Nabil #Fekir and he would buy him from #OlympiqueLyon. Aulas wants for his player €50M at least. #Liverpool have offered to Fekir a contract until 2024 by €4M at year. #transfers #LFC

  • Thank you for all your suggestions. In the end I put some money into Richarlison for medium term hold. Can't see him staying at Everton. Saw the price of de Ligt and couldn't resist and bought him back at £3.16. At least I've locked in some profit just in case he does crash. Has a few quid left so got a few futures in Ramos. Hopefully he has a good start to the season.
    Thanks again for all your inputs. This is a great forum.

  • Fekir is a good shout, should get a premier league move this summer

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