newbie help

  • just joined, looking around the site see how it all works.
    Can any one explain either of these two problems I cannot fathom
    1 where are the past performance winners, and media winner results?
    2 How is Ronaldo available to buy at a smaller price than many others?

  • Buzz winners part of main screen shows who won yesterday's prizes.

    Ronaldo is old, in a foreign league so less MB compared to if in Prem. Could be a rapist. 1 big injury and he's done. So there's the gambles factored in. I imagine he will rise if he gets through the summer fine due to PB potential for another yr in Serie A.

  • For historic past winners you need to use other sites like Football index scout and Index gain.

  • @Westy

    'Could be a rapist' hahaha. Brutally put.

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