£235 to invest - Tips please !

  • Hey Guys

    One mission....£235 to invest, i have a few ideas but sometimes it takes a few other opinions to make decision easier...

    Any tips?



  • @AndyP32 think I'd buy 200 David Neres.

  • @AndyP32 if you want a good value high PB chance I'd look at the likes of otamendi and Giovanni lo celso

  • @Stevo cheers for the tip, also maybe you might be able to shred some light on the Dutch league players popularity....this league is not part of the top 5 European leagues that qualify for PB dividends (currently England, Germany, France, Italy and Spain).

    Have i missed an announcement?

  • @Noirx4 cheers for the tips....I have not seen GLC play yet, is he starting many games?

  • @AndyP32 no mate but his goals and assists stats are very impressive. Brazilian (always popular, coutinho, neymar etc) likely to be subject to transfer rumours from Ajax cos they always sell their stars eventually.

    Yes he won't win performance buzz yet but if he comes to the premier league or another of the top leagues his price will be similar to Malcom I reckon.

    Just my thoughts but there you go. I don't have many players for performance buzz so I'm probably a bit biassed.

  • @AndyP32 oh and if you want advice on the Dutch league in general just look at Ajax players. Nearly all on here look class, it's just whether they transfer and make the grade at another club but historically we know Ajax academy players do.

  • @AndyP32 started the last 3 for psg and scored in the cup mid week

  • @AndyP32

    Andy - I have a player in mind but trying to keep him under wraps.. a couple of good options from the regulars...

  • @Happy-Hornet said in £235 to invest - Tips please !:


    Andy - I have a player in mind but trying to keep him under wraps.. a couple of good options from the regulars...

    And your doing well at it too has you not mentioned his name for a couple of days now! I was looking at the squad the other day and noted a few Watford players there!

  • @AndyP32 so did you buy any Neres mate or you keeping quiet who your money went on?

  • @Stevo no secrets in here...lol, i decided to go for Florain Thauvin...he is in red-hot form at the moment, can't stop scoring and has won a few PBs....in addition he may end up in the Premier League from a summer move !!!

  • @AndyP32 fair play mate. Hope he does well for you.

  • Thauvin is good in the French league but as a Newcastle fan I can tell you that he was awful when he played for us .. don't think he would go back to the Prem

  • @NewUser24858 never even knew he played for Newcastle.

  • I remember Thauvin slating the PL when he left and can’t see him ever returning. Too physical for him. Personally I’d avoid Eurodivise players until they move to a league in the index, dead money until then and with the 3 year hold time is ticking against you from the moment you purchase. I speak from experience of owning Gabriel Jesus from before the city move where I lost over 4 months of inplay buzz that will hurt when my hold is up and I’m forced to sell.

  • @78pJesus that's total rubbish mate sorry. If you bought Jesus for 78p and he's now worth £3+ how can you honestly say you suggest avoiding players who are outside the top 5 leagues? You've clearly made far more money than you would have done based on 4 months performance buzz so I'd say you are the best example so far of catching players before they are eligible for performance buzz wins.

  • @Stevo I knew the transfer to City was going through at the time of purchase and I bought a bucket load based on the media buzz I hoped he’d get, this was back in the days before pb buzz when we simply survived off media buzz alone. It was not a punt on a player outside of the playable leagues that I hoped would one day move, it was a move based on a reputable tip that he was moving.

    Players were so much cheaper back then, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo all under £2.50, but the payouts were nothing compared to now. My point being that 4 months of my 3 year hold were lost waiting for the transfer, when I could have used that £1500 to generate returns elsewhere.

    Looking back yes I did get lucky, but my point is if I hadn’t stuck the money into waiting for the transfer I could have had much higher returns elsewhere. The reason behind my original point against buying players currently stuck in the Dutch league. Will all of them leave Ajax in 2018? Maybe, probably not.

  • @78pJesus they are all fair points and I totally respect where you are coming from.

    My argument though is that if I had say £1000 to put into FI and bought 100 x Neymar, I may double my money in dividends over 3 years.

    However based on my belief that the Ajax youngsters will all sign for a team eligible for performance buzz in the next 3 years I could potentially but 1000 times one of them at current price ( and still have bucket loads of change left to play with and they would only need to rise in price by £1 over 3 years for me to make at least the same money as I would with Neymar in dividends.
    Both are personal choice and it would be interesting to see how people choosing either get on over 3 years. I just believe my choice is a far less risky option with potential for far higher returns.

    There's risk in either option that the performance buzz is highly diluted leaving it harder to win regularly but also that as you say potentially none of the cheaper players could move and therefore I miss out in both ways.

  • @Stevo so you’re talking about flipping them after they eventually move, that’s fair enough and definitely a strategy that brings profit if they move within the 3 year hold. It just means your money is tied up during that time and then fingers crossed during transfer windows. As the original post sought advice for a smaller budget I simply assumed he would want returns to increase his portfolio in the next 6 months rather than have to wait and hope for an Ajax raid in August or 2019.

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