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  • Hi guys, here is the final pump for my recent blog post showing how much money you'd have made had you bought 20 shares in every player to have played for France in the 2018 WC Final, on the day of the final. It inlcudes dividends won. It makes for some really positive reading! Especially as I see the growth continuing at the same rate in 2019......come take a look!


  • Nice thread. Who’s winning the euros next year then 👀

  • @DavidMUFC1987 Ha! Thanks. Yeah, I think France have to be among the faves. Their strenght on depth is outrageous. Especially when you think about all of those players not in the squad like Lacca, Laporte et.

  • Totally agree and maybe not a bad theory for any newbie starting up??????? how about investing NOW in every Portugal player that appeared in the Nations League final and seeing where they'll be at this time next year???

    I think regardless of performance (to a degree) the growth of FI should outweigh the negativity around the market and you'll see 'ALL' the best players within the next year grow in value!!!!

    Maybe with the odd exception????

  • @dannypea I wonder what the average age of the highest PB scorers where last year and does it justify the hype over most of the youngsters on FI coz what I see last year the average age seem to be between 26 - 32 got the highest PB scores but those sort of players on FI are very reasonable prices to the over hyped youngsters that either play in non PB leagues or youth squads that may get the odd CL or 5 mins off the bench twice a year and are crazy prices

  • @Mazza-magic i'm sure there's a factual answer somewhere but remember... you don't just win with PB.. you win with MB.. IPD.. and most importantly growth in value.. which we can't overlooked when investing.. hence why many will try and go for the complete package to get the best out of all four worlds...

    You're right though.. players like Parejo at Valencia or Sarabia or Banega at Sevilla? Maybe the likes of Quagliarella & Benzema, certainly Ramos at Real Madrid and perhaps Khazri at St Etienne would all fit that category and in comparison to the likes of Sancho & Rashford or Foden etc would bring in much more on average for a much lower price paid... BUT... capital growth often out weighs all of that... I don't invest to win PB.. I see at as a nice little extra if i get it... because i can't truthfully guess who's going to be the top scoring opta player out of 20 matches on a given day... But what i can predict is that the likes of Rashford, Sancho & Foden can only get better... hence why so many invest in the hype that youngsters will grow in value!!!

    The beauty of FI i suppose is that we all invest for different reasons which drives prices up in different ways!!!

  • @dannypea completely agree. Cap app is the easiest and fastest way to make money on the Index at the moment. That won’t kast forever though. We’re in a boom phase and will be hopefully for a few years yet. As the market approaches market cap then cap app will become harder to ride for easy money and dividends, which are underlying the market at all times, will become the primary way to make money and trading will become a lot harder. I love doing these comparisons especially at times when people are concerned about growth. Take a long view and the growth has been sensational for a year or more!

  • @dannypea is why I mix my portfolio into 3 sections but I mainly go for value for money and every now and again I hit a real flyer but sometimes a cash out far to early as I don’t have funds for an eye catcher

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