Return on investment

  • I have been doing some calculations and worked out my average monthly ROI for 2019 is around the 4% per month mark (on average) - not including deposit bonuses. My port is currently at a value of £8,800 from an initial start point of £5k last year. My aim is to try to reach the £10k mark ASAP and then maintain whilst taking out any further monthly growth to supplement my income. Working on a slightly unambitious 2.5% monthly ROI that’s £10k in the portfolio and £250pm in the back pocket.

    I wanted to get an understanding of how my monthly ROI compares to others, am I being over or under ambitious with my targets and how long do people see this general growth continuing?

  • Only been on for about 3 weeks but currently I am 20% up without the deposit bonus and 30% with it. I am assuming i have just been lucky in the time i have invested. I put £750 so it might be alot easier to turn over than your current portfolio value! It sounds like 2.5% at the current rate would not be too difficult to turn over.

  • Currently 35% ROI in 4 months. I put this down to being lucky as joined just before the share split and also the most important doing enough research into this product. Fucking love fi 🤣

  • @NewUser164410 I wouldn't set yourself any monthly targets, just look at the totoal ROI, you can very easily make 20% 1 month and you can very easily go back a good few % another month, I remember my portfolio jumping up an incredible amount at a certain point this year, 3 weeks later i was virtually back to where i was before the huge jump, then 3-4 weeks later my portfolio jumped hugely again, it's impossible to just go up and up each month, maybe setting yourself 6month and 12month targets would be healthier, and just ignore the usual odd drops 👍

  • all depends on your strategy and what you want to achieve and how you will go about achieving it... My own theory has always been long term investing and was initially based on 100% returns...

    Although i would monitor monthly my targets were set a little more ambitiously at 25% per quarter.. so 50% ROI after half a year and 100% returns within a year... This often gets slightly distorted if you re-invest or take out profit but sticking to a theory whatever you are happy with and re-assessing each month/quarter i think is essential if you want to keep to a solid level of returns.

    These days i'm just happy keeping my portfolio at above 100% as that was always my initial target but if i were ambitious enough to double this again I would probably set out a strategy to suit what I believe would work!!

  • Started in November, currently 45% up

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