Sky bets transfer odds

  • Ive been keeping and eye on sky bets transfer odds to get an idea of what transfers might be likely to happen but noticed a couple of big shifts in the odds of Pogba and Bruno Fernandes today
    Pogba to Real Madrid: 1/2
    Fernandes to Man Utd: 4/9

    Yesterday both where over evens are skybet as on point as sky news when it comes to this stuff?

    James Rodriguez to join Napoli has also went from 4/9 yesterday to out to evens today

  • @Black-wolf pogba' s are BS, you can get around 5/2 elsewhere on him leaving.

  • @Nally 👍 just thought 1/2 was quite low and a sudden shift however they arent offering a general price on him leaving so fair enough

  • @Black-wolf

    I have been using the paddy power transfer odds. Some interesting finds in there.

    Griezmann to Barca is a whopping 1/25.

    And one that has flown under the radar, Celtic left back Kieran Tierney is 8/15 to sign for Arsenal (92p).

    Not bad, considering his countryman and fellow left back, Andy Robertson is trading at £1.18.

  • @johnboywalker yeah ive been looking at both and theres some huge differences between the two sites. I find its a good indicator of how far along negotiations are rather than whos going where

  • @johnboywalker

    I'm sorry, why is that not bad.

    Andy Robertson is arguably the best left back on the planet, playing in the best defensive line-ups in years. He played 60 games last term and picked up, 13 assists.

    Shouldn't there be more than a 20p gap?

  • 33/1 griezmann liverpool, you heard it here first

  • @Dan-The-Man

    Hi Dan, there is a reason why I have never engaged with you previously.

    You would argue the sky isn't blue.

    You already have a reputation for shite tips and repeatedly spouting the same nonsense, to whoever will listen.

    That being said, thanks for your input.

  • @johnboywalker


    I asked a simple question and you just had a little meltdown there.

  • @johnboywalker also Depay to liverpool 10/11 that would be a media frenzy if that one is to be believed. Unlikely i know but interesting

  • @Black-wolf

    Depay is a decent shout. If he moves to the EPL, then his MB potential increases.

    If he remains at Lyon, he is a proven PB scorer.

    Seems to be the main attacking threat for the Dutch also.

  • Sky news on point lol

  • It is apparent that the bookies have no clue on how price their transfer markets as unlike a match their is no way of modelling the outcome. So they are making it up as they go along with a colossal overround. I actually wish i could lay some of the transfer special prices they are ridiculous

  • @Black-wolf what SkyBet seem to do is drop the odds on any big rumour and loads of people expect it to happen then - what with the rumours and odds plummeting - and bet big. Two days later odds have changed but you still have an open bet that is on which club Player X is representing on September 1st and you can cash out for 10% of your original stake.

  • @NewUser151265 said in Sky bets transfer odds:

    Sky news on point lol

    ?? Sky sports news are the most accurate and reliable when it comes to football news thats what i had meant

  • I remember seeing Jermain Defoe to join Liverpool at 1/4 on SkyBet years ago. Absolutely no logical reason for the short price - everyone else was pricing it at around 5/1.
    I believe that’s what they call a red herring in the business; enticing big bets on false favourites.

    Safe to say you can’t trust a large media source who also own a betting company as they are essentially controlling their own market when it comes to things like transfer betting. Scandalous that they’re allowed to do it really!

  • @Mr-Fuzzman i got to be honest some of the sky bet odds are crazy and completely out of line to where the player will actually end up. I suppose some is driven by punters saying that. I personally think BBC Sport, potetnionally Sky at times are probably the most reliable for accurate info but Sky can and have on number of times been way off the mark. I remember when Ramos was leaving for United about two years ago, Sky broke that story for the player to come out about 4 days later and say he is not leaving and all stories were rubbish. Problem with Sky is they use these Spanish/Italian football "experts" who feel like their contacts at the club's are the bin men

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