• It looks very much like ndombele will be moving, any thoughts whether a spurs move will give a good jump in value?

  • @NewUser356207 Shouldn’t do, pl move already in the price. After a potential day or two of mb I can’t see his worth.
    All that being said you never know on here.

  • As a spurs fan I do hope this happens.
    He is a beast of a midfielder and it does look like we are very serious about signing him.

    As regard his value it's probably a fair price at the moment so limited gains even with a move.

    But this show's intent from Spurs (about bloody time) and if they can secure Lo Celso also then happy day's.

  • Totally would love the lo Celso and ndombele signing but think the biggest place we need to sort his right back in putting that money on wan bissaka

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