New prem team players

  • When do Shef Utd, villa , Norwich players get added to FI.??

  • @NewUser334483 are you searching by team because this doesnt always list all available players for that team. You are better searching for individuals and if they arent there you’ll need to wait for IPO’s to be announced

  • Cheers waiting for a couple of sheff players that aren't on...I'll hold tight

  • @NewUser334483 you going to tell us who then? As a Blade myself I think our more valuable players are probably already on here barring Norwood.

  • @Stevo Billy sharp I can't find him on index even using William Sharp???

  • anyone know when the last IPO was????

    can't help feeling FI are severely missing a trick here? new names = new trades... the fact that i've NEVER had an email telling me that new players are coming on to the platform for me is a massive own goal!!!

  • Had a look back at how FI managed the IPO's of newly promoted teams players last summer.

    They added a big block of players one team at a time.

    You'd expect same again but there's obviously issues with the tech side of IPO's.

  • @NewUser334483 oh yeah not sure sharp is on. They will have to add the full squad I think at some point but no idea when.

  • @Stevo 👍

  • They are revamping the way they do it and AC said IPOs will be back for the beginning of the season

  • Probably been mentioned before, but are they waiting for the current bonus structure to end before releasing new players?

    Would be logical to bridge the gap between July 1st and August 10th by adding new players to the market each week to keep trading activity up and to prevent people getting bored and withdrawing funds.

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