James Rodriguez

  • I've held him before and sold for a profit, but the more his price drops the more tempting to get back in.
    Currently £1.88 with potential for a move to England, MB and the Copa America coming up to put him in the shop window.
    Links to Napoli could be affecting his price but he would be the main man there?

    What do people think at his current price?

  • @Neil2265 ive got a small hold of him because i believe that any team he goes to where he can be the standout playmaker is good for him in terms of FI teams like bayern, Real or Barca make a player like him less valuable due to pb competition in midfield. So really any move to decent pb league team that sees him playing regularly and for 90mins should deliver decent pb scores

  • Bought this dude the other day, but has dropped from £1.69 to £1.62 - only him and Isco as attacking midfield players for Madrid.

    What are peoples thoughts, should I sell up at a loss and get into someone else, or wait for him to come good as he is a pretty good player.

    Bought 300 of him so i would be looking at a £30 loss and thats if he sold to market.

    No rush to free up funds.

  • @Milnerman

    If you are in no rush, just wait it out.

    He is one of the best suited players to the PB matrix, and will be even more valuable with tonight's changes.

    Once his future is decided and he is playing regularly (hopefully at Napoli), he will post big PB scores, and folks will get back involved.

    Zidane doesnt rate him, and James wont be content to sit on his arse all season at Madrid.

  • @Neil2265

    Hopefully he plays against PSG today.. .most likely he will.. . Had an assist on weekend and could be the start.. he need sa big big performance. .

  • @Zola25 James and Bale need to play today :). Bring these underpriced top quality players back to where they belong

  • @Nachais

    Exactly. Its matter of time.. .when proven players start to play and perform their prices will go up

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