Why would you 'Bale' out!

  • One report suggesting that United aren't going to make a move for Bale and he goes into freefall.
    Do people imagine that he's staying at Madrid?
    That he's suddenly best buddies with Zidane?
    That Madrid intend paying him £400k a week to play golf?
    Strange times indeed.
    Sit tight and don't panic!

  • This is going to drag on all summer, absolutely crazy to sell now!
    He will be back up again next week.

  • I class him as a risky hold and if he's not going to Utd which looks like he's not then who IS going to take him?

    I do agree RM need to get him off their books but there are far better holds at the moment than Bale.

  • @Gazz127

    If Spurs get rid of Erickson... seems like he'd be welcomed back with open arms.

    Weather or not he wants to go back though...

  • He was never ever going united. Gareth Bale is finished. I can only possibly see him maybe going too Bayern. Who’s going to pay 400k a week for someone who’s injury prone and past their peak. Daniel levy wouldn’t even entertain the idea of having him back for those sums.

  • 400 a week to play golf happy as a pig in shit I'd be! Waste o talent, beats going to china though

  • @Dan-The-Man The odds on Eriksen staying are getting shorter by the day.

    He's only escapes from spurs RM and Utd by the looks of it are looking elsewhere.

    He hasn't actually in the last couple of months of the season player anything like good enough to warrant those two clubs going for him and that was underlined in CL final.

  • He could always join David Beckham with his new American football team whatever it’s called. Much better bet than him returning to the premier league that’s for sure

  • There seems to have been a bit of a 'sell off' today! Well certainly of players in my portfolio anyway :)
    Despite the fact that I hold a lot of Richarlison, I've noticed the hit!
    Strange, when you think that people should be topping up for the Summer Bonus 3 as there doesn't seem to have been the usual boost.
    Makes you wonder!
    I'm in for the duration anyway.

  • @Gazz127

    I personally cannot see any way back for him at Madrid.

    I am not bothered where he ends up in the end as he still has potential for decent MB, and PB scores when playing regularly.

  • Bale is in grave danger of becoming irrelevant as a top level footballer.
    He could still be involved in some loan deal with RM bring forced to stump up most of his wages but it still comes down to who wants him!

  • @Gazz127 Agree. He’s not at the top elite level.

  • @Dronny-Gaz

    I'm holding tight.. .. he's too good and young to be finished.. . He will be big where ever he goes.. .he aint staying at madrid.. . PSG can get him if neymar/mbappe leaves.. . Plus dont rule out a late man utd bid whem things get desperate at the end .. .

  • @Gazz127

    Yeah, there was talk of Erikson looking at new contracts today.

    It's hard to know which bit of media is being used in the negotiations and which is the legit story. That story about Erikson, could just be his way of getting Real Madrid to decide on him rather than waiting for Pogba.

    It's the same with Bale. Man Utd know Real Madrid are desperate to unload Bale, they don't want to pay him £600,000 per week to play golf. It's possible they are trying to lowball Madrid, and walking away publicly could just be their way of putting the pressure on.

    Of course... it's possible they just aren't wanting another Sanchez on the books.

    Risky indeed.

  • It seems to me that Bale holds all the cards.

    Real and Zidane by their actions seem to have signalled it's the end of the road for Bale at Madrid.

    Problem is, Bale has never stated he wants to leave and is under contract till June 2022 earning a fortune each and every week.

    Madrid are looking to rebuild and are already under scrutiny for financial fair play irregularities.

    Madrid really do need to offload but I cant see any club paying any sort of fee and £400k a week wages.

    Why would Bale give up £400k a week wages unless he is desperate to play which I'm not sure is the case. (3 years at £400k is £60,240,000- )

    So in short Madrid are in Shit Street as no club on the planet will pay anything close to those numbers in wages or transfer fee.

    Bale is playing hard ball and I cant blame him after the way he has been treated.

    Not sure how 12 months of playing golf will affect his price on FI but I suspect it will not be good for holders.

    Perhaps by the end of next season he could be a good enough golfer to win the US open......... got to supplement the weekly wage some how :)

  • I want Bale to negotiate our Brexit deal!
    He's going to have Madrids pants down :)

  • @Dronny-Gaz Good shout, BALE FOR PM

  • @Long-Haul-Col

    I agree that this is what you are essentially betting against. However, i cannot fathom holders selling off on the back of some dodgy media reports at the beginning of the transfer window.

  • @Long-Haul-Col Can't disagree with anything you stated there.

    Madrid have to offload him somehow but does he want to go and why should he as he still is under contract and as you say getting paid shed loads.

    Bale is in a strong position and just a shame his share price isn't.

  • @Long-Haul-Col

    I agree with most of that.

    It is an unfavourable position for both Madrid and Bale.

    Although I'm sure Bale will be happy to pick up his astronomical wages every week whilst not playing, beneath that top knot, is likely a competitive athlete with a desire to challenge himself and compete for honours. A footballers career is finite, and Bale will be at the stage now where he realises he has a limited time left to achieve his playing goals.

    I'm almost certain he will be at another club by the end of this transfer window. At the moment it's a game of chess/poker, and the likely outcome I see is Bale on loan to a club willing to pay a small percentage of his wages, with an option to buy in the future should he perform well.

    That seems like the the only way Madrid can make the best of a bad situation.

    For the record, I don't hold any futures in Bale.

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