• Brighton trying to buy him.

    Brighton have had a first bid for Genk captain and Belgian international Leandro Trossard rejected. Talks for the left winger are going on according to @hlnsport colleague @KjellDoms. #bhafc

    I’m not sure what that does to his price, maybe he does go there and plays well he could sneak in the Belgium team for the euro’s by playing in the prem.

  • Hopefully this might stir some other clubs to come in for him. Need to get him in a PB league this summer

  • @Snrub yep definitely £1 plus if he heads to the premier. Looks a class player 🚀🚀🚀

  • Over priced

  • @Mazza-magic that’s your option however I think for the goals and assists he gets at £0.74p it’s cheap considering other well known players are double and don’t get half his goals. Ok he’s unproven at top level but that’s half the index!!!

  • @Mazza-magic said in Trossard:

    Over priced

    Kluivert, skov, t weah to name a few who are in the same bracket imo and a £1 or over.

  • Got to be a good buy at the price.Will see a quid in the prem here.

  • @Tom77 who all don't boast half his stats, barring Skov (my pick for Euro U21 top player). Trossard seems like a win-win especially with Genk already signing a replacement a few days ago. He doesn't stay past this summer and will be in a PB league before you know it.

  • May be better for Fi at a bigger team in a shit league
    Brighton surely one of the favourites to go down
    If he can prove his class
    he could get snaffled up by a bigger prem club
    when Brighton go down

    Whatever happens hopefully he can continue to show pb winning ability

  • @LuaLua if he does go to Brighton I'd expect him to start more than he is benched for, so could be a hold after the transfer. I'd expect him to go to about 85-90p as Wesley has done. He could then climb further if he is performing.

  • @Webbinho it’s been reported on the sky transfer news now so think it may have legs. Definitely could go to £1 and I’m hoping Everton or arsenal show interest to push him higher

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